American Eagle AE-DS65 1HP Dough Sheeter Floor Type 25.5" W x 98.5"L, 220V/1Ph

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  • Powerful 1 HP Motor
  • Fully Reversible Floor Standing Type Sheeter, Approx 25" x 95" Working Surface, 14.33Pound Batches
  • Dual Sheeting Operation: Forward/Reverse Foot Pedals or Forward/Reverse Handle
  • Locking Clutch Handle Design For Easy and Precise Dough Thickness Adjustments (1mm to 40mm/0.1" to 1.57"), No need for separate lock, just set and go!
  • Complies with OSHA Standards, Safety Guard must be down to operate, Emergency Stop button
  • Mounted locking castors and fold up working table provides extra mobility and saves space when machine is not in use
  • Uses 220V/60Hz/1Ph, Includes Heavy Duty 7 Foot 3 Wire Power Cable 

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

If you have the space, we recommend getting a floor-model dough sheeter. It gives you extra functionality and convenience. All the American Eagle floor dough sheeters feature foot pedals that control forward and reverse motion. That is our favorite feature, as it helps free up much needed hands and keeps the mess off the handles and controls. The AE-DS65 is a great floor model dough sheeter for operators needing enhanced capacity. The roller is 5" inches longer than the AE-DS52. It can handle twice as much dough (by weight) as the AE-DS52.  Fully extended, the AE-DS65 is almost 8 feet long, compared to 6 feet of the AE-DS52. The thickness can be set and the lever locks in place without an additional button. The trays at the end add another 6 inches to either side of the long sheeting table. With those larger dimensions and capacities, we think this machine is suitable for almost all applications. It certainly dwarves the AE-DS52 both in size and productive capacity.

The AE-DS65 is a sturdy machine designed to last, even under the toughest commercial application. With a construction made from quality materials, such as the polished alloy and stainless steel, it easily meets the strictest OSHA and food service sanitation standards. The smooth, reversible motion keeps the dough cool/moist because there's minimal contact with hands. While you may not need to move the machine often, the floor model dough sheeter is mounted on castors. Along with the long electrical cord, it makes working around the machine to clean/mop floors extremely helpful. Just make sure the wheel lock is engaged before using the machine.

*Importantly, we can't stress enough that the machine is a 220V/60Hz/1 Phase machine. Before ordering or installing, please verify with an electrician or licensed contractor that you have the correct electrical connection in your space. You can choose to install hardwired to your power line or using a plug in accordance to your local electrical codes and standards. 

Please give us a call at 800.914.1991 to learn more details about the item. We are happy to help you make an informed purchasing decision!

From the Manufacturer

American Eagle Dough Sheeters help you save time and labor, lowering your operation cost! With a fully reversible belt system, easy to use controls, and a unique locking clutch handle design, you can be sure to get consistent results and perfectly stretched dough every time. Use the machine to prepare dough for a large variety of products including croissants, pastry puffs, Danish rolls, cookies dough, pizza dough, pie crusts, and more! The unique locking clutch handle controls and fixes roller position without a separate handle lock, allowing the operator to make up to 4mm thickness adjustments for each pass very quickly. Includes foot pedals for additional convenience and hands-free operation while processing dough. PVC Fiber conveyor belts provides extra strength and prevents tears even under heavy use. Safety is built into all aspects of the machine to comply with OSHA standards, includes a standard safety guard (must be down before machine will operate), independent on-off switch, and emergency stop button. A permanently lubricated, heavy duty steel chain driven transmission ensures years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. The motor is completely enclosed and sealed, and has overload protection built in for safety and longevity. Covered by a 1 Year limited warranty.


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