Quik N' Crispy GF5 Greaseless Fryer

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175.00 LBS
Price: $6,995.00
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The patented Quik n’ Crispy® Model GF5 uses a combination of forced hot air, radiant heat, and an elevated perforated cooking basket to prepare ovenable frozen foods to the taste and texture as if they were deep-fat fried. 

Crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside! n Offer Healthier Foods—Ovenable foods “hot-air fried” in the Quik n’ Crispy are 20% to 40% lower in fat compared to deep fat fried foods!

No Exhaust Vents Required—The Model GF5 has been tested by UL and now complies with EPA 202/UL710B Standards for Commercial Cooking Appliances with Integral Systems for Limiting the Emission of Grease Laden Air!

Versatile—Prepares french fries, egg rolls, corn dogs, chicken tenders, tacos and other “fried foods;” Grills up to 50 hot dogs in 5 minutes; Bakes pizzas, pretzels and hot sandwiches!

Easy to Program—Create and edit 15 recipes with menu names, times, and temperatures. Use the USB feature to import and export recipes to multiple units within your system!

Quick and Safe— Cooks 20% to 40% faster than convection ovens without the mess and hazards of using hot grease!

Warranty: 1 year on parts, 90 days on labor


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