American Eagle AE-5080 125Qt Spiral Mixer 100lbs Flour/176lbs Dough, 5HP

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  • Dual Motor System: 5HP Agitator, 2HP Bowl
  • 220V/60Hz/3Ph
  • High Capacity, 125 Qt. Bowl
  • Fixed Bowl design with Stability Guards on the right and left side provide superior stability even while mixing large amounts of dough
  • Dual Timer System for automatic, timed agitator and bowl speed switching

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

The American Eagle AE-5080 is great addition to the American Eagle Spiral Mixer product line. At 125 Qt. Capacity, this spiral mixer is specifically designed for operations that are looking to create large amounts of the same type of dough for many of their different products. Pizzerias and pastry shops would find the AE-5080 very useful for their operations. With the ability to mimic the kneading motion of creating handmade dough, the AE-5080 mixes dough in about half the time as a high end planetary mixer, all while keeping the dough cool during the mixing process. Like most other American Eagle Spiral Mixers, the AE-5080 is a uni-mold cast iron design with a heat treated enamel coating. This mixer will not rust or corrode at all within the moist environment of a kitchen. The Dual motor system is essential for driving both the agitating shaft as well as the bowl at the same time. Both the agitating shaft and the mixing bowl are multiple fiber embedded v-belt driven. This provides superior grip and durability against torque at startup. American eagle has even accounted for that as well with their built in Startup Relay System that slowly allows the motors to engage and begin turning their agitator and bowl.

*Importantly, we can't stress enough that the machine is a 220V/60Hz/3 Phase machine. Before ordering or installing, please verify with an electrician or licensed contractor that you have the correct electrical connection in your space. You can choose to install hardwired to your power line or using a plug in accordance to your local electrical codes and standards.

From the Manufacturer

American Eagle ® spiral mixers meet every baker's challenge: High Capacity, High Efficiency machines at an affordable price. Their exceptional reliability make it ideal for busy cooks or bakery shops by decreasing mixing times and minimizing maintenance. The gentle coordinated movement of bowl and agitator imitate hand kneading and rolling motions, which keeps dough cool while mixing for consistent texture. Dough blends in half the time as a comparable planetary mixer! This versatile mixer makes a variety of dough from bagels to pizza. Covered by a 1 Year limited warranty


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