Compare Brands

Buying new equipment for your restaurant is essential, and many machines make food preparation more efficient. However, some of this gear can get quite costly. Cutting corners and purchasing supplies from websites such as eBay isn’t worth it—you don’t know the quality, and it’s not insured. Rather than risk “buyer beware” purchases, compare brands that supply cost-effective products.

Evaluate Brand Value

Some brands like Hobart can get away with charging top dollar for their machines, whether or not they’re truly worth it. When you can’t afford to break the bank, seeking alternative options is your best bet. Brands such as American Eagle ensure you get a great alternative. American Eagle is based primarily in the USA, which means all parts support and customer service—occur in the United States. Brands with primarily U.S. based operations must meet higher standards than some alternative options that just import cheap products made overseas and distribute them as cheaply as possible with no post sales support. American Eagle products deliver excellent quality at an affordable price. This brand started in Chicago, IL, in the 1980s and now distributes its products throughout North America.

Understand Certifications

Quality restaurant machines and appliances should also have specific certifications as this verifies the item is safe to use in your commercial business. These appliances should have a certificate from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Intertek, or the Online Certification Directory. These certifications prove that the products went through testing to ensure they meet regulations for health and safety. Buying appliances that aren’t certified is risky because they may not work properly.

Buy Equipment With Warranty or Insurance

In addition to certifications, you should equipment that comes with good manufacturer’s warranties or purchase insurance on all major equipment in your restaurant. When brands offer good warranties on their products, it proves that they stand behind what they manufacture. If something goes wrong when you use the item, you can contact a representative at the company to discuss a repair. Insurance can be a good way to cover any gaps in warranty coverage. Make sure you review manufacturer's warranty policies before purchasing.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Keep your expectations realistic if you look online for appliances and food prep gear. When a price seems too good to be true, it very well may be. While some alternative brands may set their products at shockingly low rates, this still comes at a cost—quality. Instead, look for items sold at a value price by companies that still manufacture reliable equipment. Brand quality matters, and companies such as American Eagle, Globe, and Univex are great examples of companies that sell restaurant equipment at affordable prices.

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