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2 Classic Treats Every Bakery Should Master

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There's nothing quite like walking into a bakery and being embraced by all of the wonderful scents and sights within the rows of glass displays there. But if you're behind the scenes, it might be a different story! Not only do you get to see and smell your finished product, you get to craft it with care. 

But can your bakery cross each of these sweet treats off of its inventory list? Let's find out.

Is there anything better than a warm, fresh doughnut to dunk in your coffee or hot chocolate on a wintry morning? We can't think of anything. Of course, that means your bakery should absolutely master the art of the doughnut. Here are a few doughnut tips inspired by Kendall Baking and Pastry Chef Instructor Heidi Hedeker

  • Freeze! - Hedeker recommends freezing your fully shaped doughnuts until just before they go into the frying oil. She says it helps them keep their shape throughout the frying process.

  • Test Your Heat - Before you fry, it's important to make sure your oil is hot enough. Sprinkling a few drops of water should create small fat explosions -- an indicator that your oil is ready to go.

  • Use the Right Dough Roller Machine - Of course, a doughnut is nothing without its dough. And in order to attain perfection on that front, you'll require a combination of excellent industrial dough mixer machines, dough roller machines, and heavy duty floor mixers. Make sure your equipment is up to snuff!

Brownies may not be on every bakery's menu, but their popularity in and outside of bakeries should be reason enough to master these treats. Much like doughnuts, the key is in your batter. A good mixer will help you attain the perfect consistency on these delectable, chewy treats. Tips for creating these chewy delights include: 

  • Buy High Quality Chocolate - The higher the quality of your chocolate, the more delectable your brownies will be. Good chocolate will melt slowly and give your brownies that ooey-gooey texture so many people love.

  • Use Room Temperature Eggs - If you want light, chewy brownies, make sure your eggs are all at room temperature. Cold eggs can lead to dense, brittle brownies if you're not careful!

Whether you carry these treats or not, make sure your bakery has the proper equipment to churn them out if needed. Commercial dough sheeters and dough roller machines are extremely important! Considering that annual sales in the restaurant industry are almost $783 billion, you should ensure your equipment is up to the test.

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