American Eagle AE-TS12H/01 Meat Tenderizer Comb Set (2 Combs Included)

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Manufactured to the highest industry standards! Enjoy years of effortless meat processing with a durable low maintenance single piece design. To get the best possible results, ensure that you insert the combs correctly so that they are spaced between the tenderizer knives and flow through the center input chute. Manufactured from food grade high polished stainless steel material, making them easy to clean. This is a spare comb set (includes only quantity of 2) that is used for the AE-TS12 or AE-TS22 meat tenderizer kits and AE-TS12H meat tenderizer attachments with four black housing set screws and stainless steel housing. This can also be used for the AE-JS12 or AE-JS22 jerky slicer kits and AE-JS12H jerky slicer attachments.. These combs are genuine OEM from the manufacturer and are not aftermarket parts. If you have an older model with with three set screws and aluminum housing or that isn't those model numbers, it may or may not be compatible with AE-T12, AE-T12S or AE-T22S kits manufactured prior to 2010. If in doubt on compatibility, please contact American Eagle Food Machinery® to help you locate the right combs.
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  • Genuine OEM high polish easy to clean durable stainless steel comb set

  • Precision machined finished cut to fit perfectly between tenderizer knives

  • Durable single piece construction with no spot welds

  • Fits on the latest model AE-TS12H meat tenderizer attachments & AE-JS12H jerky slicer attachments from American Eagle Food Machinery®