American Eagle AE-DD36 Automatic Dough Divider, 36 parts, 1/4HP, 115V/60Hz/1Ph

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  • Durable 1/4HP Motor
  • Easily cuts dough into 36 equal pieces, save time and labor!
  • Convenient one-touch push button controls
  • Built in safety sensor stops machine when dough tray is removed
  • Mounted on castors for additional mobility
  • Productivity: 6000-7000 pieces per hour
  • Weight Per Piece: 1.1 to 3.61 oz
  • Dough Weight Per Input Tray: 2.4 to 6.6 pounds
  • Uses Standard Household 115V/60Hz/1Ph Power, 220V available as special order
  • Net Weight: 396lbs, Shipping Weight: 450lbs
  • Covered by a 1 year warranty

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

This is a very basic, no frills electric dough divider. You place dough in the tray, spread it out, then put the tray in the machine. Turn the machine on, and then press the start button. The entire tray lifts up and comes back down, and voila, you have 36 equally divided pieces. It's very quick and relieves the stress on your arms when compared to using a manually operated dough divider with a push lever, such as the one commonly seen from Dutchess. With this machine, processing a batch of dough is also much quicker, the dividing process is mere seconds. In our own testing, you need to use flour to prevent dough from sticking to the tray or dividing knives. DO NOT USE OR SPRAY COOKING OIL, as this caused the dough to become sticky and created a huge mess for us to clean up. As long as you aren't using a very sticky dough and you don't spray any oil to the tray or knives, this machine performs perfectly. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the machine needs to be cleaned daily, which entails wiping down the surfaces and dividing head with a damp cloth. It's pretty simple, don't use any harsh chemicals like bleach. We found simply using water was enough. You can also lightly spray the machine with a food safe sanitation solution after wiping down the surfaces to disinfect the machine.

The machine itself is built out of stainless steel housing, and the underlying frame is a heavy duty steel frame. The dividing knives are also stainless steel. The only plastic pieces are the top cover and the internal plungers that make up the dividing head. Keep in mind, this machine only divides dough and does not divide and round. If you need a divider and rounding function, please look for the rounder models, AE-DD30R, AE-DD36R, AE-DDE30R, or AE-DDE36R.

This automatic dough divider is very easy to use. We only have one con, and that is the steps needed to perform a more thorough "deep clean", the manual details some steps which essentially require you to take off the top plastic cover, and then use a wrench to unscrew each individual internal "plunger" from the top of the divider head, this allows you to take the plastic plungers out of the machine's cutting head to clean above the flat surface of the plunger more thoroughly. We had to do this after creating the mess with the oil. Thankfully if you are only using basic dough/flour combo and wiping everything down daily, you really should only need to perform deep clean only once in awhile to get some dough that may have become lodged above the plungers. If you have an air compressor when doing the deep clean, we suggest using that to help blow out and trapped flour and dough as it makes it much easier.

Please give us a call at 800.914.1991 to learn more details about the item. We are happy to help you make an informed purchasing decision!

From the Manufacturer

American Eagle Dough Dividers are ideal for supermarket bakeries or retail bake shops! They offer excellent performance and value for your money! Use an electric divider and take the hard labor and guesswork out of using a manual divider. Our divider is easy to operate and handles a variety of dough types and weights. The machine features a powerful 1/4 HP motor that drives a heavy duty cam that pushes the dough tray upward, perfectly dividing dough into 36 equally weighted pieces. A sealed motor design with overload protection and permanently lubricated drive shaft ensures years of low maintenance service. A standard safety sensor prevents the machine from operating without the dough tray installed, and will automatically shut off the machine if the tray is removed, independent power and start buttons prevents the machine from accidentally starting without operator intervention. The machine is available in both 115V and 220V configurations, and is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.


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