American Eagle Meat Tenderizer Internal Gear Part #AE-TS12H/12

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  • Durable Aluminum Build
  • Includes 2 gears
  • Perfect for replacing gears that have worn over time on your meat tenderizer AE-TS12H
  • Fits AE-TS12 meat tenderizer kits and AE-TS12H meat tenderizer attachments

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

This is a spare gear set (includes 2 gears) for the AE-TS12 and AE-TS12H meat tenderizer. These gears are Genuine OEM from the manufacturer and are not aftermarket parts. Please make sure your tenderizer is AE-TS12H or AE-TS12 with four black housing set screws and stainless steel housing, which is the newest model. This gear WILL NOT fit older models from American Eagle with three set screws and aluminum housing.

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