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Dough Sheeter Machines

Commercial Dough Sheeters And Dough Rolling Machines

Here at Pro Restaurant Equipment, we offer a range of commercial dough sheeter machines and commercial dough rollers to make your bakery operation more efficient. We currently offer a variety of floor type dough sheeters in a range of sizes from 83 inches long all the way up to 118 inches long. We also offer a variety of professional bench-style sheeters or commercial tabletop sheeters that are meant to fit on your countertop. All of the floor type dough sheeters are mounted on castors for ease of mobility and storage. The commercial dough sheeter machines we sell also feature "fold up wings" or tabletops that can be raised up when not in use to conserve valuable space. For you pizza lovers, we carry a dual-pass pizza roller that can form perfect pizza crust up to 18" in diameter. Call us at 800.914.1991 to talk to one of our sales representatives today to find the right dough sheeter and dough roller machine for your needs!