Disposable Face Mask 50 Pcs - One Carton

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• Disposable Face Mask For Spatter, Dust, Odor Protection
• One Size Fits Most, Ear-Loops and Built In Nose Bridge Wire For Fit Adjustment
• Non-Woven Fabric, 3-Ply(Layer) Construction
• One-Time Use Mask Provides Greater Comfort Compared To Cloth Masks
• Meets EN149, GB/T 32610-2016 Standards, See info on quality below
• Covers User's Mouth, Nose, and Jaw To Help Prevent Direct Contact Of Face With Particles, Pathogens, Etc.
• New Condition In Retail Packaging
• $3.00 Flat Rate Shipping Per Carton via USPS
• $13.00 Flat Rate Shipping FedEx 2 Day (Up to 3 Cartons)
• If you need a regular supply of masks for your business or organization, please contact us for additional information
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Protect Yourself and Your Customers

If you are providing services with limited capacity during the current COVID-19 pandemic, don't go without basic protection! Basic single-use masks can meet the current CDC recommendations for you, your workers, and your customers.

To that end, we at Pro Restaurant Equipment have tested face masks from multiple manufacturers, and are providing the information posted below to help you make an informed decision. Thank you for considering purchasing from us and supporting our family owned small business. We're open for business and here to equip your dreams!

Mask Quality, Fit, and Comfort

We are providing a durable product comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. To demonstrate the quality of the product, we have created a series of videos.

Elastic durability of the strap and the strength of the glue bond is often overlooked. During our test, we were able to pick up at least 10 lbs of weight without the mask breaking.

The straps on the masks are soft, have plenty of stretch, and good elastic tension. They do not rub harshly on your ears even after extended wear.

An extended metal nose bridge and well designed pleating pattern on the masks help ensure an excellent seal while allowing breathe-ability. Out of the many disposable masks we have tried, these are the most comfortable we have found, and can be even more comfortable than a cloth mask, especially in warm weather.

You can find video of additional tests below. Click on the three tabs to switch between the different demo videos.

Filter & 3-Layer Test

Quality masks are almost always at least 3-ply (3 layers):

  • The inside layer touches the face, provides some comfort, and absorbs moisture.
  • The middle layer is the key filtering layer which catches airborne particles.
  • The outer-most layer repels water and moisture.

One of the most important layers is the middle melt-blown filter, which prevents the smallest particles from getting through the mask. If the filter material catches on fire and a flame spreads, the material is just ineffective paper or cloth. A real filter will not catch on fire, and the material may evaporate or melt slightly.

Blow Test

A good face mask is able to filter out most particles while staying breathable, one way to test for this is to do a blow test with a candle.

Good masks are supposed to help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading from someone's mouth or nose to the surrounding environment and help protect the wearer from droplets spread by others. The blow test demonstrates that the mask is still breathable while filtering, which is vital for it's comfort and usability. With a hair dryer, we are able to test the effectiveness of the mask when a user is physically exerting him or herself.

Water Test

What good is a mask if it cannot stop the droplets from a sneeze? In our final test, we ensure that the mask, although breathable, is also water impermeable.

The outer layer of mask is supposed to be completely waterproof and repel moisture. By pouring water into the mask and checking it for liquid on the other side, we can see how effective the mask may be in blocking droplets from breaths and sneezes. The ability to pass a water test and repel moisture effectively is a key difference between these masks and less effective cloth masks.

We will continue to try our best to obtain lower pricing and find less expensive ways to ship, so that we can trim costs and help lower prices as much we can.

If you feel our price is fair and that we've offered value to you, we just ask that you leave a review and spread the word to others you know to purchase from us, since at this point, we can't list this type of product on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or any other major selling platforms without technically violating their policies. We choose not to knowingly violate policies.

Notes and Disclaimers

We've analyzed very closely how we can keep shipping costs down, so we are currently offering $3 flat rate shipping per box via USPS service, and $13 flat rate shipping for FedEx 2 day for up to three boxes of masks. This applies only to the lower 48 states. If you are outside of this area, need other shipping options, or overnight shipping, please call 800-914-1991 or e-mail us and we can process your order manually and quote the appropriate shipping cost.

We are not an authoritative organization nor a certifying agency for masks like the FDA, but due to the current situation and the continued need in our communities, we want to at least provide some tips to avoid the really egregiously bad products that are out there. This information is provided without any type of warranty. We hope this information can be helpful to you, we provide this information freely for your use.

This is NOT an N95 Mask! Only approved for general purpose use. This is a disposable mask and should not be used more than one time! Please store in a cool/dry location. Make sure to wear the mask with the metal nose bar on top, blue side on the outside, do not wear the mask upside down or backward, or the mask will not be effective. This is not a medical instrument nor can it prevent any disease. Proper use is needed to provide the best possible protection against particles and dust in the air.

As these are considered personal products, we cannot accept returns of this product. We may limit the quantity of purchase per order to help ensure product availability.

If you feel that your circumstances requires more than the set limit, or you need a regular supply of masks for your business or organization, please call or e-mail us to learn more about our subscription programs.

Are you a non-profit? To date, we have donated over 4000 masks to non-profits and other organizations in various communities serving people at the front lines. Please e-mail us if you have an urgent or un-met need, we will do our best to consider how we can best help!