ITV CS 10 Water Filtration Replacement Cartridge

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  • Replacement Cartridge for: CS-101 K & CS-102 K
  • This product does not include the manifold or installation bracket
  • Rated Capacity: 10,000 Gallons
  • Rated Service Flow Rate: 1.75gpm
  • Operation Pressure: Min 20psi, Max: 125 psi
  • Operation Temperature: Min: 35 ºF, Max: 100 ºF

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From the Manufacturer

Water quality plays a serious and important role in health and food service. Not only does water quality determine the taste and quality of all beverages served, it also has a dramatic effect on equipment effectiveness, maintenance costs and equipment longevity.

ITV Water Filtration Kits provide high water quality by removing sediments, found in most water supplies contributing to cloudy ice and equipment issues, and chlorine, which imparts an unpleasant taste and odor in water, reducing the quality of beverages served. It means, attaining better ice and beverage quality, lower equipment maintenance cost, and a lower and more effective operation.

ITV’s Water Filtration Systems also address the first cause of equipment issues-mineral scale deposits, that decrease daily ice production and greatly increase equipment maintenance costs.

ITV filters deliver a specially formulated scale control product that is proven most effective in controlling mineral scale, especially in high water hardness environments. Unlike most competitive systems, ITV’s scale control product is also delivered at a consistent rate ensuring predictable periods of mineral scale control resulting in mineral scale protection for entire time between filter replacements.

Single Kits include single head with bracket, and Twin Kits include a manifold with pressure gauge and one 1/2" plastic ball valve. Both Kits are available in the 10” (CS-10) or 16” (CS-11) cartridges depending on the ice machine´s daily production.