American Eagle AE-HP100 Heavy Duty 4" Manual Hamburger Patty Press

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  • Efficiently turns ground or minced meat into managable patties.
  • Excellent for portion control, control cost while increasing efficiency!
  • Quick release system elevates the finished patty for easy removal. 
  • All food contacting surfaces are made of Stainless Steel.
  • Heavy duty, polished cast aluminum body. 
  • Single button press resets device for making a new patty, and features a convenient paper liner holder
  • Durable Rubber feet add stability 

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

Use this patty press for more than just hamburgers! Although advertised as a hamburger press, this manual press can be used for Vegetable Meal, Crab Cakes, Poultry, Bison, Sausage, or pretty much any type of food you want to make into uniform 4" diameter pucks. It's perfect for saving time and labor in the kitchen and very easy to operate. Anyone can be trained to use this to easily make perfect patties each time. It's great for portion control and maximizing cost savings during the food preparation process. Add more profit generating menu options with the ability to produce attractive finished food products with professional results! In our testing, the weight of this press is very well distributed, and the rubber feet on the base make a huge difference in ease of use. Operating the lever does not tip the press and makes it much easier to use compared to other less expensive models. This press is definitely designed with high volume in mind. Please give us a call at 800.914.1991 to learn more details about the item. We are happy to help you make an informed purchasing decision!

From the Manufacturer

The American Eagle AE-HP100 4" Hamburger Patty Press quickly transforms ground beef into uniform hamburger patties. The Patty Press is made of a durable polished aluminum and stainless steel and features a convenient paper liner holder. Lower your cost of operation by utilizing a manual patty press to process vegetable meal, crab cakes, poultry, bison, sausage, and ground beef into manageable 4" diameter pucks. It's a perfect tool for saving time and labor, requiring minimal training to use. A heavy duty, well balanced cast aluminum base mounted on rubber feet keep the press stable while operating the lever. Get professional results every time and create more profit generating menu options!


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