American Eagle AE-VC30 3/4HP Commercial Food Processor and Vegetable Cutter

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  • Comes with five disks: 5/64" and 5/32" slicing disks, and 5/42", 5/32", 5/18" grating disks
  • Dual hopper system suited for a variety of fruits & vegetables & cheeses
  • Powerful 550 watt (3/4 HP) motor for continuous operation
  • Uses Standard 115 V/60Hz/1Ph
  • Easy, One-touch button operation
  • Compact size and long 7 ft cord ideal for counter top
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction
  • Low Maintenance Belt Driven Transmission
  • Ergonomically correct 45 degree angle work surface and handle for easy reach
  • Easy maintenance and time-saving versatility
  • ETL Certified To Conform To NSF/ANSI 8, CSA, CE Standards

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

The American Eagle AE-VC30 is an excellent commercial food processor machine that has been widely used and tested throughout the entire US market. At $1049 from us, it's truly a great deal for a wonderful machine! MSRP price on this is even more at $1478! Compare this to Robot Coupe which typically sell for double or more!

In our testing, the machine is very easy to operate and the disks are easy to remove and clean. The sheer number of optionally available disks make this vegetable cutter or food processor a truly awesome multi-function machine. You can dice, slice, chop, shred, strip, cut, and even julienne any number of vegetables, fruits, or cheeses. The machine features an auto-stop which turns off the motor when you lift the feed pusher handle, or if you open the cover. That ensures safety which is very important in a commercial kitchen where turnover is high and training may be limited. What makes this machine a great value is that it already includes 5 disks in the package that give you slicing and shredding capability right out of the box. The disks are hand wash only, so be careful not to put them in a dishwasher. For your convenience, below the description we've linked to some videos posted on YouTube of the Avantco model (which is virtually the same machine) below and a tutorial video from American Eagle on how to switch out different disks! Check out the videos, you'll get a pretty good idea of how versatile this machine truly is! Take a look at our other product listings to see what optional disks we have to offer for sale. If you need help selecting the right disks for your needs, please give us a call at 800.914.1991 for more information!

From the Manufacturer

The American Eagle® AE-VC30 food processor and vegetable cutter is a heavy-duty, high-quality machine designed for commercial kitchens! The variety of available disks makes any kind of vegetable preparation work easy. Easily dice, chop, create strips, cut wavy vegetables, and slice with optional disks. Five disks are included with the machine (5/64", 5/32", 1/8" grating disks and 5/64", 5/32" slicing disks) Expand your menu possibilities and save time and labor costs! 

The machine sports a durable polished aluminum alloy body that is seamless and water-resistant in design so that it can operate even in the most demanding damp conditions of a commercial kitchen. A 2" diameter round hopper and a 6" x 3" large hopper are built into the top of the unit at an ergonomically friendly 45 degree angle for easy continuous feed operation and maximum output. For safety, the motor stops when the built in food pusher is lifted 12" above the opening. Processing disks are hand wash only but have stainless steel knife edges that are easy to clean and maintain. The 2" round hopper is specially designed to accommodate long shaped vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers, and the large hopper is designed to accommodate larger whole vegetables, fruits, and block cheeses. With a cycle speed of 270RPMs, the machine can easily handle up to 661lbs/hour of processing productivity.

A powerful 3/4HP (550W) motor with overload protection, and a heavy duty belt drive that is designed for commercial use will provide many years of trouble free operation. Sturdy rubber feet prevent the machine from moving or tipping while in use.

The machine uses a standard 115 Volts/60 Hz/1Ph power connection and comes with a 7 foot (185mm) flexible 3-wire cord and plug that fits into grounded receptacle.

NOTE: Not recommended for processing tomatoes


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