Commercial Dough Mixer

Industrial and Commercial Spiral Dough Mixers 

At Pro Restaurant Equipment, we sell many sizes of commercial spiral dough mixer from 40 quarts all the way up to 220-quart capacities. We currently offer the AE-1220, AE-3050, AE-4065, AE-5080, AE-75K, and AE-100K at affordable prices. These are all professional fixed bowl spiral mixers that feature all stainless-steel bowls, dough hooks, and agitators to meet the highest sanitation standards defined by the foodservice industry. Have you ever been to an antique store? Many items you find there are built out of cast-iron and so are the dough mixers we sell from American Eagle Food Machinery. Unimold cast iron construction on these industrial dough spiral mixers virtually ensures a lifetime of trouble-free usage, especially in a moist kitchen environment. Despite the extra weight and durability, these commercial dough mixers are mounted on castors for ease of mobility and storage, simply lift the feet to allow the castors to sit on the floor, then roll the mixer to the desired location. Our industrial dough mixers are ideal for pizza or artisan bread lovers, as the heavy-duty design handles heavier dough with ease. Pair our professional spiral mixers with a dough sheeter or dough rounder to make the most out of your mixer and lower the amount of time you spend preparing your dough! Call us at 800.914.1991 to talk to one of our sales representatives today to find the right commercial dough mixers for your needs!