3 Creative Recipes Your Restaurant Can Craft with a Food Processor

As a restaurant owner, you're always trying to come up with fresh, exciting recipes to inspire your patrons. One simple way to take your menu to the next level is by investing in a food processor with the proper vegetable process accessories.

While you might think you've got your bases covered with a quality blender, this machine doesn't compare to the power of a food processor. After all, you wouldn't run vegetables through your commercial meat grinder; why would you rely on a blender for a food processor's job?

Here are some delectable dishes you can create with the help of commercial restaurant equipment featuring vegetable process accessories.


All you need to create a delicious hummus is chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and whatever spices you want to craft a unique flavor profile. This beautiful dish is easy to make and can be served with just about anything. Try spicing up your favorite sandwich with a dollop of hummus or add it to your appetizer menu for an easy crowd favorite.

Aioli abound

Aioli is basically mayonnaise seasoned with garlic. However, you can create a variety of flavor profiles with the help of vegetable process accessories. Try creating delicious pesto aioli, a charming chipotle aioli, or even a green goddess sauce you can put on just about anything.

Doughs and breads

Who said your vegetable processor is only good for veggies? Industrial food processors are a great alternative to commercial dough mixers should yours stop working. While you should rely on a restaurant mixer made for dough for extended use, the occasional dough mix in a food processor can create delicious crusts, flatbreads, and more.

A food processor is particularly good for patrons with dietary restrictions. If you want to get really creative, you can experiment with crust alternatives, like cauliflower crusts and other gluten-free options.

Did you know that the average person eats more than 200 pounds of meat each year? When you're trying to create innovative dishes for your menu, try experimenting with your industrial bakery mixers, meat grinders, and food processors to invent a stand-out menu this year.

Feb 21st 2019

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