3 Important Tips for Cutting Meat the Right Way

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More and more people are choosing to go out to eat nowadays. In fact, annual sales in the restaurant industry have reached $783 billion. And when people go out to eat, they expect to have their meat perfectly cooked and cut. So whether you're an aspiring chef or are looking for some simple tips on how to use a commercial meat cutter, here are a few great tips for cutting meat perfectly.

Consider freezing the meat: Meat should obviously be kept refrigerated or frozen until it's ready to be prepared. But if you're looking for meat that's easy to cut, it should be semi-frozen. The water inside the meat turns to ice, which actually makes the meat more firm. Semi-frozen meat has more structure, which makes it easier to cut. Meat that is completely frozen won't be easy to cut, but semi-frozen meat should be a little malleable.

Go against the grain: While there has been some controversy over whether to go with or against the grain of the meat, cutting with the grain can lead to tough or rubbery meat. This is why you should cut against the grain of the meat -- cutting across the muscle fibers will make the meat more tender. So if you're looking for meat that is easier to chew, especially for tougher meat like steak, then cut against the grain.

Use the right tools: Cutting meat with the wrong tools can result in a mess. This is why you need to invest in the right tools -- using something like an electric meat tenderizer machine can help soften the meat and make it easier to cut. And a commercial meat cutter is going to help get nice, even cuts for varying types of meats. Also, having a variety of knives, like a cleaver and a chef's knife, is important too. All of these tools will help you effectively cut meat without pulling it apart or smashing it down too much.

Cutting meat isn't as simple as grabbing the closest knife and chopping away. It takes skill and knowledge to get a perfectly cut piece of meat. So keep these simple tips in mind, and invest in the right tools, and you'll be on your way to cutting meat like a pro in no time.

Apr 22nd 2019

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