3 Machines That Every Restaurant Needs

3 Machines That Every Restaurant Needs

In this day and age, the restaurant industry is more competitive than ever. Cities that once were not known for their "foodie scene" have now become overnight sensations, famous for the array of restaurants they have to offer. Even if you think you have a new idea regarding the menu you have to offer, chances are fairly likely that someone else has tried it before -- or has at least attempted something similar. Fusion cuisine has made it difficult to pin down any single type of dish or influence. Therefore, you'll want to market a type of restaurant that will be successful in your area. It should be unique without being too daunting and appealing without being boring. For example, you may want to stay away from Mexican restaurants if you wish to set yourself apart. Right now, there are more Mexican restaurants in the United States than Italian bistros, Chinese kitchens, chicken rotisseries, or seafood shacks. As of 2011, that meant that there were at least 38,000 Mexican restaurants across the country.

Of course, there is more to ensuring that your restaurant is a success than simply offering the right types of food. You'll also want to offer dishes that have been well-prepared and establish a kitchen that uses the right kinds of commercial grade restaurant equipment. From dough sheeter machines to heavy duty meat grinders, you can't skimp on restaurant equipment -- nor can you try to save money by buying from an unreliable seller. Restaurant equipment must be kept in excellent shape. Remember that whether you're starting a new restaurant or revitalizing one that is already standing, you will be under the scrutiny of health inspectors and food critics alike. With that being said, let's look into some of the most crucial pieces of equipment you'll want to have in your kitchen and how they can be applied in the restaurant industry.

A Dough Sheeter Machine

The dough sheeter machine is a fairly standard piece of restaurant equipment that has several different applications. Essentially, a dough sheeter machine rolls out a piece of dough until it has been made as thin as the user requires. Though a dough sheet machine produces this sheet of dough in a rectangular form, it can then be molded or cut into whatever shapes the user desires. A dough sheeter machine is often used to make pasta, as it can make the pasta dough thin enough for it to then be cut into the individual noodles. It can also be used to create pie crusts, tortillas, or taco shells. Essentially, it replaces a rolling pin and creates a more efficient process.

A Professional Meat Tenderizer

Efficiency is key to a productive restaurant kitchen. It's very difficult, if not impossible, for restaurants to maintain efficiency without shortening the processes involved in food prep. Tenderizing meat is a crucial part of the prep process for a variety of dishes, but it's incredibly tedious when done by hand in the traditional manner. A meat tenderizer machine essentially cuts down the time and effort it takes to tenderize virtually any type of meat. It also creates a sense of consistency that cannot be found when you tenderize meat in the traditional manner: every piece of meat is equally tenderized, which restaurant-goers will definitely appreciate!

An Industrial Dough Mixer

An industrial dough mixer is much larger than the type of mixers that people use in their standard kitchens. Essentially, it is able to mix dough much faster than a typical mixer would, with much more being mixed at once. Another benefit of using this type of mixer is that it can be used to mix dough to certain types of consistency -- as different types of dough will certainly need to be used at different consistency levels.

A restaurant is nothing without the right equipment -- but keep in mind that you need to source your equipment from reliable sources. For more information on our commercial grade kitchen equipment, please contact us today.

Jan 14th 2020

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