3 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Make Fresh Tortillas

Feb 9th 2024

3 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Make Fresh Tortillas

Many people love to eat at restaurants because they want to enjoy fresh food without having to do any of the work to prepare it. If your restaurant wants to draw in these customers, you need to offer as much fresh food as possible, including tortillas. We explain three reasons your restaurant should make fresh tortillas below so that you can fully understand these benefits for customers, as well as your business.

Quality Control

When you make tortillas from scratch, you have complete control over the ingredients and the finished product. You can choose the best flour, add unique spices, or even use alternative ingredients like corn or quinoa flour. Also, you can adjust the thickness and diameter of the tortillas to meet your customers' preferences. You can guarantee that your tortillas are always fresh, providing a positive experience for your customers.

Cost Savings

Many restaurants purchase pre-made tortillas to save time and money, but making them in-house is often more affordable. The cost of ingredients and labor is often less than the cost of buying pre-made tortillas, not to mention the savings on shipping and storage. Additionally, making tortillas in-house allows you to lower your food costs, as you can purchase your ingredients in bulk. If you’re still unsure, remember that many other restaurants tend to charge more money for such fresh dishes, so you can always increase your prices in accordance with freshness.

Brand Differentiation

Lastly, making fresh tortillas in-house is a great way to differentiate your restaurant brand from your competitors. By specializing in an in-house item like tortillas, you're providing a unique experience that customers can't find anywhere else. Word-of-mouth marketing can quickly and powerfully share this information, drawing customers to your establishment. Plus, offering a unique item can help your restaurant stand out in online reviews and social media mentions.

There are countless reasons why your restaurant should make fresh tortillas, but these three stand out because of how they benefit you and your customers. Invest in a high-quality commercial tortilla press so that you can keep up with the demand these homemade tortillas will bring.