Oct 1st 2018

3 Things You Need To Know About Meat Grinding

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So, you've found a nice commercial meat grinder for sale and now you're not sure what to do with it. Grinding your own meat can be a game changer for your restaurant. Not only will you deliver a fresher flavor, but you also control exactly what goes into it. The art of grinding meat is a lot easier than you'd think. People can grind their own meat with anything from an industrial meat grinder to a home stand mixer with a grinder attachment. And yet, despite how simple it is many people opt to use pre-ground meats.

  • Meat grinders like it cold...

    A cold meat grinder works much more effectively than a warm one. When you prep your grinder put the tray, auger, cutter, and hole plates into the freezer so they can chill before use. That way when you start grinding the whole machine will have a better bite and your meat will process smoothly. Another benefit to this chilling process is you have to take the machine apart to get the pieces into the freezer. This is a great opportunity to clean the device because a dirty grinder will never grind right - and its gross.

  • Choose a tough fatty meat...

    Grinding is a great way to deal with meats that are typically more difficult to cook. A beef chuck doesn't make a great steak. The meat is chewy and fatty. Luckily chewy and fatty is exactly the kind of meat you want for your grinder! When you're dealing with lamb or pork the shoulder is great for grinding. When you've got a relatively lean meat like chicken or turkey grinding is still a great option but you may want to add fat. Some people find that adding pork fat -Bacon!!- is a great way to add flavor and umami to your ground chicken or turkey.

  • Prep your meat before you grind...

    Once you've got that perfect meat you will want to cut it into small chunks. Those chunks should be small enough to fit into your commercial meat grinder. Once you've got smaller pieces spread them on to a tray and stick them in the freezer. Where the machine works better cold it also works better when the meat is cold too. If you think about it meat is squishy. By putting the meat in the freezer, only for 45 minutes or so, you give the grinder something to hold on to.

Meat consumption is on the rise. The research and advisory firm Rabobank has projected that Americans will consume on average 200 pounds of meat per year in 2018. As a result, it's more and more important to deliver quality meat products in your restaurant. By grinding your own meat you can get exactly the flavor you want no matter what you are using it for. If you don't already have one definitely look for a commercial meat grinder for sale as soon as possible. A commercial meat grinder for sale can transform your ground meats from boring to amazing!