Feb 11th 2020

4 Healthy Egg Alternatives Your Bakery (And Customers) Will Love You For Using

Eggs don’t have to be an integral part of your recipe. There are several healthy alternatives you can use in your bakery that will have many people rejoicing – especially those with any allergies. To learn about some of the tastiest egg replacements you can use in your bakery, read on.

1. Apple Sauce

Applesauce works best in pastry recipes that require moisture and fluffiness — think cakes and muffins! For best results, use 1/4 a cup of unsweetened applesauce. If you’re worried about the apple taste being too present in the recipe, not to worry. Unsweetened apple sauce tastes quite neutral — you won’t even notice it in some of your favorite recipes.

2. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are another great allergen-friendly alternative. To prepare this alternative, place these heart-healthy seeds in some water, using one to three parts of flaxseeds and water, respectively. Let the mixture set. You’ll know it’s ready when it forms a thick consistency.

Use this in the place one egg in your recipe. If it calls for more, repeat the last step. Use flaxseeds in cookies, and even pancakes.

3. Vegetable Oil

This ingredient is likely something you already have in stock. When using vegetable oil as a replacement, make sure not to go overboard. Oily pastries can be off-putting to some. Use 1/4 of a cup to replace one egg when mixing your batter.

4. Bananas

Eggs shine as binding agents in a recipe. They hold all that goodness together until it reaches your mouth. But that same thing can be done with bananas. Expect this alternative to modify the flavor a bit. However, if you don’t want this flavor to interfere with some of your best recipes, create new ones instead.

Fluffy banana bread is always a crowd-pleaser. Use 1/4 a cup of mashed ripened bananas for the best flavor and texture.

Why Use Replacement at All?

Having a healthy egg-free pastry on your menu will widen your demographics, and allow you to serve more customers in the area. Whether they're opposed to eating eggs for health, allergies, or personal reasons, these individuals will flock to your bakery or restaurant when they hear about your delicious egg-free treats.

But even though these replacements are fantastic, the only way you can get the best results in your kitchen and bakery, is by using high-quality machinery, like a commercial dough sheeter or spiral dough mixer from a trusted company. After all, you need to use a restaurant mixer that keeps up with your thriving business. Home appliances just don't cut it. Whether you need a commercial dough sheeter or a dough roller, contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to deliver quality commercial grade restaurant equipment to help your establishment thrive, and keep your current customers happy.