4 Meat Manufacturing Tools We Couldn't Live Without

4 Meat Manufacturing Tools We Couldn't Live Without

Meat consumption is reaching new heights in the United States. According to research and advisory firm Rabobank, meat consumptions will reach levels of over 200 pounds per year per capita by 2018. We will know at the end of the year if this prediction has come true, but in the meantime let's look at some of the essential tools used in the meat preparation industry. 

  1. Commercial Meat Cutters
    At scale, butchers can't rely solely on their knife skills to cut steaks and roasts to size. Cutting meat is a precise science that requires replicable accuracy over time. Meat cutting machines make this process much easier for everyone involved. If you own a high volume butcher shop, you need a machine dedicated to cutting meat or you will fall behind the competition quickly.
  2. Commercial Meat Tenderizers
    Some cuts are not nearly as desirable as others. For these, you need to tenderize. This process can be accomplished with an industrial sized machine, or with different protein metabolizers. Toughness in meat comes from high strung proteins that keep the muscle connected. Breaking them down, either by force or by using chemical reactions, makes the meat more tender and tasty.
  3. Knives and Honing Steels
    You simply can't produce quality meat without sharp knives. First, you need a knife with a really sharp blade. Second, you need a tool that will keep the blade sharp over time. A honing steel is a fine grade coarseness steel rod that removes imperfections from the edge of your knife, keeping it sharp for much longer.
  4. Grinders
    We definitely need burgers. This is America after all. Industrial meat grinders are an absolute essential for any meat preparation business. Bonus: meat grinders can combine all of the less desirable cuts and make them into the delicious ground meat.

Whether you think meat is the best thing in the world or that it is losing popularity, the numbers don't lie. Americans love eating meat and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. The above materials are absolutely essential to keep the meat industry alive and well in this great nation. 

May 23rd 2018

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