4 Tips To Help Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Organized

Sep 1st 2022

4 Tips To Help Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Organized

Typically, people become overwhelmed by their kitchens, whether working in a commercial kitchen or their kitchen at home. There are a few ways to get around this feeling of impending dread about the work ahead in the kitchen. Here are four tips to help keep your commercial kitchen organized if you struggle in this area, as most people do.

Gut Your Fridge Regularly

If you practice taking everything off the shelves in your refrigerator, you can get a good idea of what you have. When you see things from this perspective, you can investigate and determine what should stay and go. Writing dates on your food items is always a great way to make those close calls where you know you’ve had something in the fridge for a while. It can help you determine if something should go in the trash or back in the fridge.

Streamline Your Utensil Drawer

It’s easy for your drawers to become cluttered with the number of tools in a commercial kitchen. The best way to get around this is to organize utensils so that everything has a home in your kitchen. You can split your utensils so that your everyday tools stay out on the countertop and everything else stays inside the utensil drawer. This is the easiest way to begin making sense of your kitchen cookware.

Inventory Your Pantry

We all know that a pantry is vital to keeping a kitchen organized because you can store things for long-term use. However, you have to be able to draw the line at some point. When you find your pantry holding unsafe or excessive items, it’s time to cut back and re-evaluate what you have in there. Again, dating your pantry items is a very easy way to track things so you can know what stays and what goes.

Use a Cart

Having an island in your kitchen as a part of your commercial-grade food equipment is one of the greatest tools you can invest in. These things are incredible in that you can cook and prepare food on them, and they can store your most essential kitchenware so that everything you need is at your disposal. The fact that they are mobile is also a huge benefit if you need to shift what you’re doing to make more space. They are fantastic when you have multiple dishes being prepared at once and need the cooking space.

This summary has been a definitive list of the four things to help keep your commercial kitchen organized so that you can work proficiently. There should never be a time when you don’t feel in control or comfortable working in your kitchen. It’s best to always have full control over your cooking space.