4 Tools Every Self-Respecting BBQ Restaurant Needs

meat tenderizer machine

Whether you're new to the barbecue industry, or a well-seasoned master of the meat, you know that the key to serving quality food is using only the finest equipment. A well-stocked kitchen stays more organized, operates more efficiently, and in general, produces better food.

Though different grill masters and BBQ chefs prefer different tools for their craft, some items are basic necessities that should be available in every kitchen. If you're in the BBQ restaurant business, be sure that you're equipped with the following essentials:

1. Meat Tenderizer Machine

Nothing deters customers more than a slice of steak or a cut of chicken that is tough as leather. Avoid this rookie mistake by ensuring your kitchen has at least one meat tenderizer machine. A professional meat tenderizer can soften large quantities of beef, pork, or chicken in less time that the handheld meat pounders you might find in a home cook's drawer. To keep every bite melty, tender, and delicious, invest in an industrial meat tenderizer machine.

2. Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

If you run the kind of smokehouse that also serves hamburgers, expedite your preparation process with a high-quality meat grinder. The best meat grinders can help your staff crank out fresh beef fast when the line is out the door on a Friday night.

3. Knife Sharpener

A kitchen with dull knives is a dangerous kitchen. Though professional knife sharpeners are an absolute must in any BBQ restaurant, many grillers and smokers forget to use them regularly, resulting in more difficult slicing and greater risk of injury. Keep your hands safe and your process quick with a few good knife sharpeners stored in easy-to-reach locations.

4. Industrial Kitchen Scale

Though many consider cooking to be an art, cooking is also a science. Preparing good BBQ requires careful measuring and attention to ratios. To ensure you're providing enough sauce for each cut of meat, and serving regular portion sizes, invest in a kitchen scale designed for large meat cuts.

According to a recent poll, about 34% of Americans visit casual dining restaurants once a week. Stand out from the crowd to keep the customers rolling in by preparing high-quality foods. To produce the most flavorful and tender BBQ, use the tools listed above, and keep customers coming back week after week.

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Dec 20th 2018

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