5 Essential Safety Guidelines When Using a Meat Slicer

Oct 7th 2022

5 Essential Safety Guidelines When Using a Meat Slicer

Making sure your employees are safe should be your number one priority. Running a restaurant requires that all employees adhere to safety guidelines. If they don’t, you may be the one footing the bill when disaster strikes. To keep an accident from happening—which could occur at any point without proper procedures—you should implement guidelines for each piece of dangerous equipment in the kitchen. This is crucial when operating a meat slicer. So what are the essential safety guidelines when using a meat slicer? Read on to find out more.

Train Your Employees

Ensure your employees understand how to operate your professional-grade meat slicer on training day. Accidents are less likely to happen if you go over proper procedures with them. Make sure you show them any safety features so that they know about the risks, especially primary injury causes.

Use Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are absolute godsends. Your employees should use them whenever they touch any blade. This should be the case whether they’re sharpening the blade, cleaning it, or removing and honing it. They prevent cuts and worse injuries.

Don’t Touch the Blade Directly

It doesn’t matter if the blade isn’t moving. If you touch the blade directly, you could get hurt. It’s best to play it safe and never touch it unless you have cut-resistant gloves on already. Meat slicers can easily cut through tendons and, in some cases, bone.

Get a Slicer With a Covered Blade

Purchase a slicer that doesn’t have an exposed blade. Many slicers on the market come with a covered blade, so finding one that suits your needs should be a cinch. You can still get injured if you aren’t careful, but the chances of this happening are far lower.

Purchase a Slicer That Has Safety Switches

Safety switches cut off power if guarding measures aren’t properly secure. Risks of injury make it impossible to operate well. You should have a safety switch in several areas, including the blade set door, the discharge pan, and more. This is an essential safety tip when anyone is using a meat slicer.