7 Attractive Benefits of a Commercial Dough Mixer

May 26th 2022

7 Attractive Benefits of a Commercial Dough Mixer

As your restaurant business grows, so will your inventory. Your menu will start to take on its own personality, and it will grow as well. When this happens, you’ll want to buy more industrial kitchen equipment to help get things done much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

You might even think about getting a commercial dough mixer, even if you don’t have a bakery. There are tons of things that these machines can do besides dough. Here are seven attractive benefits of a commercial dough mixer that you may not have known about to help you with your restaurant business. Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been doing this for years, you can benefit from these excellent machines. Read on to discover more about them.

Quality Control

The first benefit that should come to mind when considering why you must invest in a dough mixer is how it will improve your inventory. When you own a dough mixer, you will know the exact measurements of the ingredients you put into the device, which means that you can keep a closer eye on your raw ingredients.

Over time, this will save you the money that would have otherwise been scattered to the wind, spent manually creating dishes. Along with measurements, a dough mixer can ensure that you get the exact form and dough texture every time that you decide to load it up.

Dough is a difficult thing to master, but with a commercial dough mixer, all the work is done for you, and you can walk away from it to do other things while you wait on the dough to form. How you use your raw ingredients can make or break your business, so it’s a great thing to know exactly how much you’re using and spending at all times.

Makes Other Foods

Many people don’t realize the versatility that dough mixers have. Dough mixers can do more than what they may advertise. These machines can make a multitude of other foods outside of dough.

Dough mixers can create delicious dishes like pasta. This isn’t too surprising, seeing as pasta comes from dough. But it is still a bonus all the same! They can slice vegetables, dice meats, and grate cheeses, among other things, with the right attachments.

Because manufacturers build dough mixers on a commercial scale, they can make all these things at a high volume. So, if you need to make special dishes for a crowd, you can churn that out in no time with the help of your commercial dough mixer.

Saves Time

When you have the proper equipment in your shop, and you maintain that equipment, you can be sure that it will produce the desired outcome. This means that it can outperform just about anything that anyone could ever achieve mechanically.

A dough mixer will save your business money because it doesn’t take time off. It has no sick days or excuses. You have a wonderful investment with the right equipment. Time is money, as they say, and if you have more time on your hands with these machines, then you’ll ultimately have the potential to make more money.

Grows Your Business

You can procure a customer base by saving all that time and making the perfect dough with every pass. If you can maintain a high-quality product consistently, it will make your food even more memorable, and people will flock to you because they crave what you’re creating.

Keeping up with demand will keep you in business. As a result, you’ll have to maintain the quality at which you’re making your products. So, if you keep things steady, you can expect plenty of revenue. This means that you have the potential to grow your business.

Lasting Longevity

Because professional dough mixers and equipment like them are made for larger industries, they must follow a certain standard. This standard ensures the machine lasts a long time.

Some of these machines go through long hours of testing. Testers run them at a high capacity for long periods to really push the envelope of what they can do. People test them in factories before they ship out. Commercial dough mixers can last a very long time with minimal repairs.

Two Types of Mixers

There are typically two different styles of commercial mixers available. These categories have subcategories that other mixers fall into, but the industry generally classifies the two main categories as planetary mixers and spiral mixers.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are usually more grounded mixers in which you make everything on the surface. There is typically a grill face that protects the inside of the mixer while in operation. Users can only change the attachments when it is not in operation.

But the mixer does all the work without needing an operator. This does not mean that you should leave the mixer unattended while you use it. But you can accomplish multiple tasks while you keep an eye on your mixer. It has enough weight to do the job on its own without any additional help.

This is one of the largest perks to having a planetary mixer on hand at your restaurant. Additionally, the bowls are usually commercial quality. You can put as much or as little of your mixture into your bowl as needed.

Spiral Mixers

Then you have spiral mixers, which can be more hands-on. For these, you must hold the bowl in place, and you can move the parts around while it operates. Some people prefer planetary mixers because of the product’s hands-on nature, while others prefer planetary mixers due to their ease of operation.

With the planetary mixers, you have more liberty to walk away from the mixer for long periods. The spiral mixer requires you to stay with it while it is on.

Whatever you decide to do with your restaurant or business, just know that if you make a choice to purchase a commercial dough mixer, you will not be disappointed. These machines are workhorses.

We have listed the seven attractive benefits of a commercial dough mixer to get you started. So, make the most of it and go with one of these impressive machines when you have the chance.

7 Attractive Benefits of a Commercial Dough Mixer