Breakfasts Around The World

Breakfasts Around The World

Before hearing the musical whirr of your professional meat grinder in the wee hours of the morn, there are vital steps to be taken to prepare for the day. Grinding meat, cutting meat, one does not simply cut it in the restaurant industry without first being well-fed at the beginning of the day. 

We're talking breakfast. The precursor of proteins (and other stuff, too) to the arduous clang of commercial grade restaurant equipment. About 34% of Americans dine out once a week, but we're willing to bet more stop here and there for a quick breakfast bite. You probably have a go-to morning breakfast routine you're quite fond of. What about the rest of the world? What traditional breakfasts span the globe, helping people kick off their mornings on the right foot? We've got a few of our favorites.

Breakfast, or Fruhstuck, is a diverse assortment of snackable finger foods. Weisswurst is a popular traditional white sausage served cold with breakfast, but there's quite the spread of other things. Everything from bread, meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, it's DIY Fruhstuck, has something for everyone, and it's certainly balanced. 

Prepare yourself for hearty and savory because Mexico isn't messing around starting their day with chilaquiles. Lightly fried tortilla pieces are smothered in green or red salsa and cooked together with chicken. It's topped with shredded cheese, onion, and avocado then served with refried beans, eggs, beef, and guacamole. 

Likely the closest comparison to a traditional American breakfast, this is a heavy one. Called a full fry-up it's exactly that: sausage, bacon, eggs, toast (fried bread), beans, and tomatoes. Everything is, well, fried up. There are some other options like black pudding, mushrooms, potatoes, etc., but the full fry-up starts with those first foundational ingredients. And one mustn't forget the tea. 

Of course, just like in the United States, breakfast traditions are very regional, personal, and specific, so don't take these as law. In Italy, most breakfasts are a pastry filled with sweets and an espresso, but we seriously doubt everyone abides by that.

Professional meat grinders, restauranteurs, or breakfast enthusiasts alike all have a special place for breakfast. The best part about the international food community is how delicious the variety, sharing, and traditions can be. Now go have some breakfast and start your day right. 

Jun 4th 2018

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