Commercial Restaurant Equipment: Four Great Mixers You’ll Need

commercial restaurant equipment

Americans love to dine out! And this is especially true when it comes to baked goods. Bagels, donuts, cookies, and all kinds of sweets are extremely popular. 

If you’re looking to jump on this bandwagon and start your own baking business in the food industry, you will most likely be looking into purchasing some commercial restaurant equipment. Here are four types of mixers to consider purchasing if you’re thinking about buying commercial restaurant equipment for your bakery business.

1. Commercial Bakery Mixer

If you’ll be baking anything with dough in it for your business, you will need a commercial bakery mixer. This pertains especially to desserts and pizzas. This piece of commercial restaurant equipment is available in various sizes, so be sure to select the size that’s right for your operation. Remember, you can outgrow a piece of equipment quickly...but you can always grow into one as your business grows!

2. Commercial Spiral Mixer

If your business plan includes a daily mixing of large amounts of dough, then a commercial spiral mixer might be just right as a piece of commercial restaurant equipment for you to purchase. This mixer has a spiral agitator to evenly knead the dough and is usually available in two speeds.

3. Machine for Rolling Dough

Perfect for making pie crusts and many other dough-based items, a machine for rolling dough is essential to your commercial kitchen. Use it to make, flatbreads, croissants, and other pastries. If you are making pasta, you want to find a pasta machine as a piece of your commercial restaurant equipment.

4. Restaurant Mixer

This is basically another name for a commercial mixer. It is large, and more than someone would need for individual use. A restaurant mixer is capable of handling large quantities of dough or other food products that need to be mixed for proper food preparation.

One thing to remember when purchasing commercial restaurant equipment is the specifics of how to clean the machines. Small appliances, according to the USDA, can be cleaned with bleach; however, bleach will damage the finished surfaces on bakery equipment, so be careful. Clean countertops, utensils, and cutting boards with a simple solution of water and unscented bleach.

This brings us back, finally, to those of you who might be looking to start your own commercial restaurant business. You can find commercial restaurant equipment and purchase some machines and mixers that will allow you to make good quantities of food in less time. If you invest in some good quality commercial restaurant equipment, you will certainly be on the right track for success.

Feb 14th 2019

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