Four Features to Look for in an Electric Meat Processor

electric meat processor

Search "electric meat processor" on Google and what do you find? When I tried it, I got meat grinders and sausage stuffers for home use. What about searching "electric meat cutter" on Google? I got deli slicers and band saws. All these are useful tools, but are not particularly geared toward restaurant use. While it may be possible to cut meat for fajitas using a band saw, the results may leave something to be desired particularly when most of the effort will be spent on minimizing finger amputations rather than cutting meat. You know what equipment will not work for restaurant use, but what equipment will work for restaurant use? Here are a few features to look for in an electric meat processor for restaurant use:


While home cooks may be forgiven for kitchen gadget addiction, restaurants do not have such a luxury. Simple economics dictates that any capital investment in equipment must provide some return on that investment, such as increasing productivity.

According to research conducted by Rabobank, meat consumption is increasing and, in 2018, exceeded 200 pounds per person per year. With such high levels of meat consumption, prep time for meat can take up much of a restaurant's time. If the prep time to cut and tenderize meat goes from hours to minutes, an electric meat processor can easily pay for itself in increased productivity.


As a business, restaurants will want to maximize the utility of their equipment. Equipment that can only perform a single task is, logically, less useful than equipment that can perform multiple tasks. For example, the American Eagle electric meat processor is versatile with a choice of two different motor sizes and multiple hub attachments available for those motors. Attachments include a commercial meat cutter, a commercial meat tenderizer, a commercial meat grinder, and a commercial jerky slicer. Instead of buying a separate machine for each of these tasks, a restaurant can buy a motor and hub attachments for any, or all, of these tasks.


For any small business, time is money. When restaurant equipment breaks, it's like losing an employee. Everyone has to do his or her job and cover the jobs not getting done due to the broken equipment. Timeliness and quality could suffer. Industrial equipment uses metal, rather than plastic, gears and cutters and a motor powerful enough to operate frequently with minimal wear. Buying commercial grade restaurant equipment will help ensure that the electric meat processor will be a reliable tool in the restaurant kitchen and allow everyone in the kitchen to focus on his or her usual duties.


When the equipment does go down, it is always preferable to quickly repair the equipment than replace the equipment. Grinder plates and blades can be replaced on the American Eagle electric meat grinder. Similarly, the American Eagle electric meat processor allows hub attachments to be replaced without replacing the motor.


Regardless of the specific application, restaurant equipment must be evaluated by a restaurant the same way a doctor would evaluate an X-ray machine or a mechanic would evaluate an impact wrench. They are tools of the trade and must be useful, flexible, reliable, and repairable.

May 3rd 2019

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