Oct 18th 2018

Here's How To Make A Salad That's Not Depressing

vegetable processor

Around 67% of millennial diners claim they love ordering healthy options at a restaurant. Health-conscious eating is a wonderful thing that we should all practice, but we've found that certain healthy options have a bad reputation because they're just not fun to eat

Salads. Have you ever perused a menu and seen a salad selection that is so boring the mere idea of ordering one bums you out? Perhaps it has even been your own restaurant's menu. You're not alone.

While most kitchens have commercial grade restaurant equipment grinding meat and cutting meat, processing vegetables into delightful garnishes, and chefs who know expertly how to roll dough into pizza, salads are often afterthoughts.

We're here to help you step up your salad game. Warm up the vegetable processor, because we're making salads by a foolproof formula that plates up delexcellence.

Mix it up

You're already starting on the wrong foot if you're using one style of greens as your salad's foundation. MIx your greens up and don't be scared of herbs. Romaine, spinach, arugula together are fabulous. Toss in some basil to give an extra pop of scent and flavor. That's a good base.

Give it some girth

A lot of people don't like salads because they're as filling and flavorful as eating a glass of water. There are tons of options here. Chicken, steak, and fish are wonderful proteins to add. On top of that, mushrooms, beets, cucumbers, olives, cornichons, tomatoes, and berries diversify the salad palate. All of these make a salad more flavorful and hearty.

Dress and garnish

This is of utmost importance: don't drown your salads in dressing. If you're serving a salad with a dressing that comes on it, use a minimal amount and mix it up well. You'd be surprised how far a little bit can go. A salad shouldn't be swimming in dressing, otherwise, the other flavors are drowned. You want a salad, not a soggy bowl of vinaigrette. Atop that, tree nuts and seeds are wonderful toppings to finish off a fabulous salad you're proud to serve and diners are excited to eat.

This is just one formula among thousands you can get creative with. Make use of your vegetable processor a little more and give your salad selection some TLC. As long as people are aiming to eat healthily, it's up to you to provide healthier options that they'll actually want to order.