How To Choose Between a Manual or Electric Meat Grinder

Jan 8th 2021

How To Choose Between a Manual or Electric Meat Grinder

Many kitchens distinguish themselves with specialty burgers or house-made sausages. To make a unique blend of meats for these items, a meat grinder is essential. Explore these tips on how to choose between a manual or electric meat grinder to equip your kitchen with the tool that’s best for you.

Small Batches

If you prepare ground meats only occasionally, a manual grinder may suffice. These tools are lightweight and portable. You can use them anywhere in the kitchen if you have a counter that’s compatible with the clamp that holds the grinder to the work surface. Since they don’t require an electrical outlet, manual grinders can be more convenient than electric grinders, which must be placed close to their power source.

Manual meat grinders are fine for making small batches of ground meats. They give you control over the mix of meats you include in your batch. Many models can be fitted with attachments for making sausage. They’re easy to clean and uncomplicated.

The downside of manual grinders is the physical labor of turning the crank to grind the meat. You also must feed the meat in manually, increasing the amount of contact between hands and food. This can create a health hazard without the strictest protocols for changing gloves and washing hands. Finally, using a manual meat grinder takes more time than an electric meat grinder, potentially exposing meat to improper temperatures while out of refrigeration.

High Volume

If your menu relies on a high volume of ground meat, you’ll need an electric grinder. These produce ground meats with greater consistency and far less effort. They have a broader selection of attachments for producing a wider range of ground meats, either coarse or fine.

Electric meat grinders are heavier because of their motor and larger size. They are more powerful than manual grinders. While electric meat grinders are durable, their motors and moving parts require proper maintenance. They can also break down, requiring repair or replacement parts.

Electric meat grinders increase food safety. They have feeders, so you don’t have to be constantly touching the meat you’re grinding. They work faster than manual models, meaning the meat isn’t exposed to the kitchen or out of refrigeration for too long a time.

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