Nov 27th 2018

How to Find the Best Commercial Meat Grinder

commercial meat grinder for sale

Americans love meat. In fact, meat consumption is steadily increasing in the United States each year. By the end of 2018, meat consumption will reach levels of more than 200 pounds a year per capita, according to research and advisory firm Rabobank. To keep up with the demand, it is important that owners of restaurants provide the best top-quality commercial meat grinder for sale they can find. 

First, know that there are many different kinds of commercial grinders for sale that serve different purposes. Before you by a meat grinder, make sure you research what it is best for. Find out from your chef if the kitchen could most benefit from buying a commercial meat cutter or grinder, or if there is a big need for an electric meat tenderizer machine or processor. Once you have a good idea of what your kitchen needs the most, start searching for the commercial meat grinder for sale that will meet all of your needs.

Once you have an idea of what your kitchen needs, make sure to check that the power, strength, and size of the commercial meat grinder will be able to keep up with everything your kitchen needs it to do. If you run a small restaurant you don’t want buy the massive commercial meat grinder for sale if it’s only going to be used for half the amount it was designed for, especially if it takes up precious counter space in your kitchen. You also don’t want to buy a meat grinder that fizzles out on your staff during the Saturday night dinner rush because you opted for the one with less power. Look for what will suit your kitchen best and don’t settle until you’ve found the perfect meat grinder that will make everyone happy.

After you have bought your commercial meat grinder, make sure everyone on staff knows how to use a meat cutting machine and the safety procedures that go along with it. It’s also important to make sure you do everything you can to keep your meat grinder lasting for years. Serious Eats recommends that you put your meat grinder and all of its parts excluding the motor in the freezer for one hour before grinding and to keep your meat chilled until it’s ready to grind. You’ll keep your meat grinder for years to come and will be able to always ensure the highest quality cut meat to your customers.