How To Incorporate Gluten-Free Products Into Your Bakery

Mar 8th 2021

How To Incorporate Gluten-Free Products Into Your Bakery

With the rise in demand over the last several years for a wider selection of gluten-free alternatives, it’s necessary for you to know how to incorporate gluten-free products into your bakery. Whether it’s for dietary concerns or for health reasons, offering gluten-free baked goods will diversify your selection, but implementing these products may take some rearranging of workspaces and storage techniques.

Order From Reputable Sources

When dealing with gluten, guarantee you’re working with certified ingredients. Those with gluten allergies are highly sensitive to any form of gluten in their food, and the smallest amount can produce an allergic reaction.

Get Confirmation From a Third Party

Organizations such as the Gluten-Free Certification Organization specialize in confirming the reliability of ingredients that are free of gluten. Seeking aid from third-party professionals will ensure your products don’t run the risk of getting customers sick.

Avoid Mixing In Storage

When you have ordered your supplies of gluten-free materials, it’s important you do not mix those in with the regular ingredients. It’s common practice to condense boxes and to save space, but to mix in gluten-free foods with regular foods will ruin the whole process. Gluten-free products need their own space separate from everything else in your storage space.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Once you’ve secured a verified supplier and established a dedicated gluten-free space in your storage, the final step is to prevent any form of cross-contamination. In the process of making your baked goods—just like storing—you need a dedicated workspace where contamination isn’t a risk.

Separate Equipment

This may require you to invest in equipment specifically for your gluten-free selection. Whether you need to purchase a new mixer, a commercial dough roller, or new pans, gluten-free ingredients can easily be ruined by using the same equipment used on other items.

Guarantee Quality

In order to succeed with incorporating gluten-free products into your bakery, it requires you to be diligent and serious. Giving a half-hearted attempt at offering gluten-free products can end with customer complaining of tainted food that made them or their children sick. No one wants that. To get results you can be proud of and food you know customers can safely enjoy, use these tips.