How To Stay Safe When Working With a Deep Fryer

Jun 8th 2021

How To Stay Safe When Working With a Deep Fryer

Utilizing a deep fryer in a kitchen can be a necessary part of the cooking process, but it remains a dangerous piece of equipment that you shouldn’t take lightly. With the high temperatures and potentially volatile liquids, you risk sustaining burns whenever you use it. When you walk into your restaurant’s kitchen, it’s crucial you know how to stay safe when working with a deep fryerand avoid the pain and injuries that can come with it.

Practice Spatial Awareness

When working with the boiling oil of a deep fryer, you need to be aware of everyone and everything around you. Whenever you’re manipulating the catchers in the fryer, you may need to move them from one place to another. Announce to everyone around you that you’re coming and have potentially harmful material.

Have the Proper Protective Wear

While you don’t need excessive protective clothing, you must ensure that you have close-toed footwear that is slip-resistant. This type of footwear increases the chances of retaining your footing after a slip and prevents your toes from exposure to boiling oil. Other items can include oven mitts to protect the hands and tight-fitting clothing to keep your sleeves from dipping into the oil.

Don’t Sacrifice Motor Skills

Oven mitts are a great way of protecting your hands and forearms, but they can also inhibit your ability to manipulate objects. This sudden lack of ability to properly move kitchen items can lead to situations that may result in injury. Always protect yourself, but make sure that your methods are not impeding other important safety factors.

Prevent the Floor From Becoming Slippery

As mentioned, you’re going to need footwear that will allow you to keep your footing if you slip, but slip-resistant shoes can only go so far. As such, you need to eliminate the possibility of slippery floors and spilled liquids. Slick floors that go unnoticed can cause you to fall when handling a fryer, which may result in you spilling the oil inside. Keep floors dry and install mats for better traction.

Take Care of Your Fryer

One of the best ways to stay safe around your deep fryer is to always clean and maintain it. When you invest in a professional deep fryer, you have to perform regular upkeep to ensure that it doesn’t suffer any sudden failures while in use. Neglecting adequate maintenance will only shorten its lifespan and increase the likelihood of malfunction while in use.