May 19th 2017

Meat Cutter 101: What You Should Know

meat cutting machine

In the kitchen, every second counts. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows how difficult it can be to keep track of the dozens of orders. Each item has its own cook time, but all of the dishes need to be ready at the exact same instant, lest the customer receives a cold plate that was meant to be hot.

It's important that you take every step possible to make sure that you have everything prepared precisely. Even before the first guest walks through the front door, every second counts. That is why it is so important that you have the best equipment available.

Take beef, for example. While professional meat grinders and mincers have existed for ages, meat would have to be cut into individual strips or blocks by hand if a recipe called for it.

Now, a new generation of restaurant equipment is changing that. The new electric meat cutter, which was pioneered by American Eagle, is designed to expedite meat cutting so that you can focus your staff’s energy elsewhere.

What is a commercial meat cutting machine?
The meat cutting machine uses dual knifes to cut meat into uniform strips that can be used for a number of different foods. It works by feeding the large pieces of beef through the shoot and letting the blades do their work.

Is there any special care required?
Just like a meat grinder, the most important thing to keep in mind when tending to your meat cutter is to keep the blades sharp and the machine clean. This machine was designed with convenience in mind. All internal components are easily removed and can be washed quickly and easily. The interior is just as simple; just spray it down with a sanitized and wipe it clean.

What are some recipes that will help?

  • FajitasWho doesn’t love the sizzle of a hot steak fajitas?

  • Stir Fry:This low maintenance offering is a popular choice for its flexibility and speed. Add some hoisin and chili pepper and you have the take-out classic, Mongolian Beef.

  • Omelets:A fun twist on steak and eggs, a precooked strip of beef can add diversity to an often-uninspired breakfast staple.

  • Bulgogi: This Korean delicacy is marinated in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, and spices to give it its signature sweet-savory flavor.

  • Beef Ravioli: Thin slices beef strips make an excellent choice for a ravioli, offering unique texture and richer flavor than ground beef.

The commercial meat cutting machine is just the latest in an arsenal of tools designed to help cut down on prep time and give your employees the freedom to focus their energy on more pressing matters.

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