Safety Guidelines On How to Use and Handle a Meat Cutter

Safety Guidelines On How to Use and Handle a Meat Cutter

Electric meat cutters are essential commercial grade restaurant equipment for any restaurant, cafe, pizzeria, or delicatessen. This equipment allows you to obtain the right-sized meat cuts for any application. While its operation is simple, that doesn't mean using it should be a mindless task. In fact, you have to pay attention at all times and follow proper procedures to ensure this equipment is used safely every single time. Here are some tips that will allow you to do just that.

Read and Follow the Meat Cutter Manual Instructions

Before using a meat cutter, you should learn about the basics of using this equipment. You can find such information and instructions from your fellow experienced co-workers, or you could learn the same by reading the manual of the machine. Different brands of electric meat cutters aren't the same; each brand has some unique features or may operate in different ways. As such, you should read the manual of any meat cutter's brand from start to end before using it.

Use Cut-Resistant Gloves

You should be prepared for the worst when using an electric meat cutter. Use cut-resistant gloves, such as those used by butchers, to protect yourself from the sharp blades' cut or piercing. Even when using these gloves, however, you'll still need to pay attention. They won't protect you from everything, so don't be complacent about safety.

Set Up Electric Meat Cutters On Firm and Level Surfaces

A stable base is essential because it ensures that your commercial meat cutter will operate properly. A wobbly or slippery surface may make your cutter to move in unpredictable ways. This could endanger the user of the meat cutter. You should set up your meat cutter on a flat and stable surface to get smooth cuts and prevent the kinds of movements that can lead to work accidents.

Never Bend Down or Reach Across the Electric Meat Cutter

If the slab of meat that you're cutting slides to the other end of the workstation, you should switch off the commercial meat cutting machine before reaching for it. You should go around the workstation to reach for it instead of reaching across it. If it falls off the workstation, you should also do the same before bending down to reach for it. These precautions prevent your arm from getting hurt by a running meat cutter.

Declutter Your Work Station

Before setting up any electric meat cutters on a working station, you should ensure that the surface is clear. By clearing your work station, this helps you to focus on your main chore without distractions that may obstruct your work or deviate your attention from the task at hand.

Always Switch Off and Unplug Your Electric Meat Cutter

After using your electric meat cutter, you should switch it off and unplug its power cable. This action prevents anyone from turning it on by accident. You may also dismount it from the work station and store it in the pantry to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

Don't Push Meat Using Bare Hands

Any food service worker needs use of their hands in order to make a living. So you should take every measure to ensure your hands aren't endangered at work. Pushing meat using your bare hands increases the risk of your hands getting hurt. Instead, use a tamper or food pusher to push the meat slabs towards the cutting blade.

Focus On the Meat-Cutting Task

Distractions may lead to accidents. As such, you should always focus on the task at-hand and avoid talking to co-workers when using the machine. You shouldn't do more than one job at a time because you may get distracted.

Electric meat cutters are crucial for your restaurant operations if your menu is full of meat-based delicacies. Pizzerias may also make their work easy by using meat cutters. A survey by Harris shows that pizza is the leading comfort food, and the high demand for meat pizza means there is also a significant demand for meat cutters for pizzerias and restaurants alike.

But as you prepare your dishes in your pizzerias, restaurants, cafes, or delicatessens, be cautious and wary of the danger that lurks around running commercial meat cutters improperly. Play it safe by observing these tips and avoid being part of the meat cuts!

Nov 19th 2019

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