Short and Sweet: Here Are 3 Baking Trends On The Rise In 2018

Short and Sweet: Here Are 3 Baking Trends On The Rise In 2018

Even though 2018 is more than halfway over, that doesn't mean the trends are dying out anytime soon. Bakery trends are still dominating the field and your bakery might be missing out without the proper menu. 

In fact, the commercial bakery market has grown by over $4 billion between 2008 and 2014 with no signs of slowing down. Here are the top three trends we've witnessed in 2018 so far:

Delectable doughnuts

It seems hyper-local doughnut shops are popping up everywhere. From rainbow doughnuts to pure black alternatives, doughnut lovers around the globe are on the hunt for the most delicious doughnut.

But it isn't just flavor they're after: consumers have demanded a doughnut event. They want it to look just as good as it tastes and that means piling on the pretty. Even though your perfect doughnut tastes wonderful, without unnecessary pink frosting or a million dollars stacked on top, your doughnuts won't grab the attention of the masses. Luckily, your commercial bakery mixers should have no problem keeping up once your doughnuts catch on.

Braided breads

Sticking with a visual theme, the crowd pleaser this year leans toward the aesthetics. Braided breads are not only visually appealing, they're staples in any home. With renewed interest in breads, bakers across the country have tried different bread flavors and looks to garner more business. This includes braided patterns, succulent swirls, and the over-the-top display rack complete with cute signs.

Try infusing different flavors when you run your dough through your commercial bakery mixer; whether you go savory or sweet is up to you. Remember you can always garner more business by pairing your bread with a local jam or herb-infused butter.

Go to the garden

Botanical flavors have been working their way into a surprising number of products over the last few months. Essential oils are on the rise, alcoholic beverages are infused with lavender and lilac; it's no surprise that the garden would weave its way onto our plates. People are also looking for more berries to decorate their display when they build their cakes and crisps.

Your heavy duty dough mixer will work up a sweat trying to keep up with the high demand for these top trends. If you don't have a dough roller machine along with your commercial bakery mixers, you might want to invest in one before the holidays come around and you blow a gasket (literally and figuratively).

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Aug 23rd 2018

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