The Top Three Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Your Restaurant

electric meat tenderizer machine

Looking to speed things up in your restaurant's kitchen, but not sure what to do? Have you tried every trick in the book and still end up swamped during the dinner rush? Maybe it's time to look for a little help. Kitchen gadgets can be incredibly useful in a restaurant, and help to move orders along more quickly when short-staffed or overwhelmed during a lunch or dinner rush. Here are the three must-have kitchen gadgets to speed up service in your restaurant.

  • Electric Meat Tenderizer Machines: Tenderizing a cut of meat takes valuable time out of preparation and can slow down the time between getting an order in and getting a meal out to a customer. Having an electric meat tenderizer machine to help speed up the process, or at least free up your hands for other activities, can help keep things moving in the kitchen.

  • Heavy Duty Dough Mixers: Anyone working at a restaurant or bakery that handles its own baked goods knows just how much of a struggle kneading dough can be. With the bakery market, in particular, showing substantial growth, expanding from $26.2 billion to $30.9 billion between 2008 and 2014, being able to produce baked goods at a fast pace with minimal effort is going to be essential for restaurants and bakeries moving forward. A heavy duty floor mixer can help speed up the process of making baked goods.

  • Electric Vegetable Cutter: Chopping and ingredient preparation can take a substantial amount of time. While practice and expertise can speed up knife skills, it still takes an extra person to chop who could otherwise be helping with other forms of food preparation. An electric vegetable cutter can cut down on the time spent on this part of preparing foods, helping you get dishes out sooner. It also cuts down on the risk of injury in the kitchen, since fewer people have knives in hand.

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Oct 15th 2018

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