Three Unique Meat-Based Recipes You'll Want On Your Menu

Jan 9th 2020

Three Unique Meat-Based Recipes You'll Want On Your Menu

While many people are experimenting more with veganism and vegetarianism than they did in the past, meat remains a popular item on the menu for the majority of people. This is why, though there are some specialty restaurants that don't serve meat, your restaurant most likely offers at least one kind of meat dish. Another benefit of serving meat is, just as there are different types of meats available to serve -- from beef to chicken, from pork to fish -- there are different ways to prepare it as well. Any restaurant that serves meat, of course, will need to maintain certain standards. With that comes certain restaurant tools, like commercial meat cutters, professional meat tenderizers, and industrial meat grinders. It's important to keep up a commercial or industrial level of production to keep up with demand -- and compete with the many different types of restaurants vying for customers. Though 2018 saw no less than 200 million American consumers visiting sit-down restaurants, you'll need to offer your potential customers something that catches their eyes.

With that being said, bringing what customers want to the table -- literally -- is about more than just using commercial restaurant equipment. You'll also want to offer recipes that are unique and appealing. With that being said, let's look into some different meat-based recipes that will catch customers' eyes.

1. Thai Steak And Noodles

We often associate steak with more European or American recipes -- and often, our steak recipes largely consist of seasoning the steak properly and throwing it on the grill. Grilled steak has its appeal, of course. But if you want to get a bit more creative, and explore Asian-based recipes, you might want to try offering Thai steak and noodles. Of course, part of the appeal of Thai steak is that it is cut rather thinly, which means that you'll want to employ the use of commercial meat cutters. If you'd rather make your own noodles within the restaurant, other equipment like a commercial dough mixer or a pasta maker is also necessary. Some of the seasonings associated with this type of dish, including fish sauce, sesame oil, and Thai chili may be a little challenging for certain picky eaters -- but it's sure to appeal to anyone looking to get creative.

2. Creamy Paprika Pork

Pork is a type of meat that many people can take or leave. But with that being said, there are ways that you can prepare it that keep it from being too ordinary or flavorless. Using commercial meat cutters will ensure that the pork is cut in the right way, not becoming too fatty. Creamy paprika pork is served over pasta, with of course paprika and a flour base that makes the sauce creamy and rich. With the base of heavy whipping cream, it will be served over egg noodles. The use of commercial meat cutters will also allow you to chop the pork up in the thick chunks necessary for this type of pasta recipe -- you won't be limited to thin slices.

3. Firecracker Chicken

While firecracker chicken is plenty flavorful, its sauce both sweet and spicy, its flavor is partially dependent on how the meat is cut and prepared. Commercial meat cutters and tenderizers make it easy for the meat to be chopped finely enough to absorb the flavors properly. Rather than being deep-fried, the chicken is browned until crisp, which allows it to be both light and powerful. For that matter, it's baked, which allows it to become even more tender. Served over white rice, this dish has a bit of an Asian twist but is very much -- ultimately -- its own thing.

No matter what kind of menu you're serving -- whether it has a specific theme or is a mish mash of different flavors and cultures -- you'll want to make sure that the meat-based recipes you offer pack a punch. People expect a lot out of meat dishes, and if you want your restaurant to succeed, the menu will have to impress!