Oct 16th 2017

Tips for Opening a Successful Start-Up Bakery

commercial bakery mixer

It's no secret that bakeries are often one of the hardest businesses to open. This is because getting into the food industry means that you're diving into a pool of endless other business just like yours. You have to be able to find something specific that differentiates you from Joe-Schmo's Dough, located down the street. However, if you can find the right mix of recipes, tools, and marketing tools, there's a high chance that you will succeed among the rest. 

The commercial bakery market in the United States had grown over the past few years. In fact, it expanded from $26.2 billion in 2008 to over $30 billion in 2014. This is a positive statistic for those looking to open their own shop. But if you really want to succeed, take the following tips to heart.

Find the Perfect Location
Whether you're deciding to open an online business or a bakery that people can visit, finding the right location for your shop is key. You need to decide what you're more passionate about: personal relationships with customers or providing convenient service. If it's seeing your customers in person on a weekly basis, then maybe opening a physical storefront is the right choice for you. But if you prefer to focus on the production and do everything online to give your customers the convenience of ordering food from you with the push of a button, head down the online route. The main thing you need to think about is that a physical store gives the customers a chance to have the freshest treats instead of receiving them a few days after they've been made.

Find Money
Before you can even open your doors, either physically or virtually, you need to have money. You'll need to set aside some funds for tools like a heavy duty dough mixer, a dough sheeter, an electric meat cutter, a commercial bakery mixer, and other commercial restaurant equipment. Tools such as a commercial bakery mixer aren't cheap. You'll also need to pay for the ingredients that you need to create your delicious concoctions. You'll also need to pay the bills and fees needed to keep your bakery up and running.

Get Your Business Registered
Regardless of where your business is located, you will need a business permit. Since you're opening a food-related business, you'll also need a health permit. If you are operating out of your home, a Health Inspector needs to do a full check to make sure everything is good to use, just like they would do in an actual stand-alone business.

The food industry can be hard to break into. Make sure you set some money aside for your commercial bakery mixer, your permits, and your web domain. By following the tips listed above, you have a high chance of being successful and winning over all of your customers with your delicious goodies.