What Makes These 2 Burgers the Best in the World?

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Does the perfect burger exist? It's a question people around the world have been asking for years, and now the world just might have an answer. And while 67% of millennials report loving healthy entrees at restaurants, there's nothing quite like a great burger to sate your appetite. No matter your stance on hand grinding versus electric meat processors, these burgers are at least worth a try.

Let's take a look at two of the self-proclaimed "best burgers in the world" and what exactly makes them so great.

The Throwback Burger -- Umami Burger, Los Angeles CA

Adam Fleischman opened this joint in 2009 with one goal in mind: create the most "umami" burger on the market. If you're not familiar, umami refers to the fifth flavor. It's a savory and pleasant, a result of a peculiar amino acid called glutamate. You can find this flavor naturally in things like parmesan cheese. And so, Fleischman's secret sauce was born. For this burger, it's not so much about what meat cutter or meat tenderizer machines are used, it's about the flavors that surround the burger. And Fleischman's theory paid off! There are now more than 20 Umami Burger restaurants across the United States.

The Fleurburger 5000 -- Fleur, Las Vegas NV

While most expensive doesn't necessarily mean best, somehow the two fit perfectly together when the Fleurburger 5000 comes into the picture. This burger is crafted with Wagyu beef, foie gras, and a hearty serving of sliced black truffles. Put them all together and you get a $5,000 burger. Does it matter what kind of electric meat processor industrial meat cutter they used? They're charging $5,000 for a burger! CNBC reporter Robert Frank admitted in 2017 after trying this creation that it could be well worth the price tag.

"Would I pay $5,000 for a Fleur burger? Absolutely — if I were a billionaire," Frank wrote.

Of course, no burger lover is going to make a purchase based on flavor or price alone. It takes mastery and balance of both to craft the perfect accessible burger for the average consumer. But there's one thing every burger joint owner should remember: the care that goes into your burger prep is the most important ingredient of all. Don't take your professional meat grinder for granted!

Feb 25th 2019

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