Apr 9th 2018

What's Up Chuck: How to Create a Delicious and Inexpensive Steak for Your Menu

You want to spice up the menu at your restaurant establishment but can't really figure out what you want to do yet? Here's your answer: more meat. Meat is always a great option to throw on the menu to bring something new into the mix without having to get too crazy with the cookbooks. In fact, Americans are actually consuming more meat each year. Rabobank, a research and advisory firm, claimed that by this year (2018) meat consumption will exceed 200 pounds per capita each year -- that's a lot of steaks.

The issue, however, is that if you want to put something like steak on the menu, it can get pretty expensive, and you'd have to charge a hefty price. That also means the cut has to be worth the price of admission. Maybe you're a big restaurant chain and you only have the most expensive cuts on your menu already. If that's the case, good sir or madame, then you might find the rest of this article to be a waste of your time. This is for the single operation restaurant owners who want to serve great food without breaking the bank, or their customer's. Although you are more than welcome to continue reading if you wish.

The simple answer is to buy a tougher cut so it won't be more expensive than necessary. The nice and tender cuts that cost an arm and a leg are from the parts of the steer, which don't get much exercise and therefore aren't as tough. That doesn't mean that the rest of the steer is peasant meat. Chuck steak is a delicious cut full of proteins that comes from the shoulder, or chuck, of the steer. It can be pretty tough because of the strong muscle fibers and connective tissue, making the meat hard to chew through. Although, that doesn't mean you have to serve it that way.

Using a heavy-duty or electric meat tenderizer can make a chuck cut a juicy steak in just a few moments. If you want to double your tenderizing efforts, then there are many other additional methods you can try. Using a meat tenderizer spread can help break down the tough fibers, and then running it through the electric meat tenderizer will produce a juicy, tender steak.

If you plan on tenderizing large quantities of meat, you'll want to invest in an industrial equipment for cutting and grinding meat. Industrial meat cutters, heavy duty meat grinders, and electric meat tenderizers will help you save time and energy.