Why Using a Meat Grinder To Grind Vegetables Is Acceptable

Jul 5th 2022

Why Using a Meat Grinder To Grind Vegetables Is Acceptable

Most kitchen appliances have multiple functions that many people are unaware of outside of the restaurant business. For instance, standing commercial mixers can make pasta and shred cheese, among other things. To exclude meat grinders from cutting vegetables is limiting the ability of the machine. If it’s kept clean and up to code, as it should be, then there should be no problem using it for preparing other dishes. Here are a few reasons why using a meat grinder to grind vegetables is acceptable<.

Cuts Down on Chopping

One huge benefit to feeding your vegetables through your professional meat grinder is that it makes cutting and chopping an afterthought. If you’ve thought dicing your produce is as time-consuming as grating cheese, then this might be a great way to prepare your vegetable stock. Grinders have different settings for cutting sizes and gradients, so it doesn’t all have to come out extra fine. You can grind produce into larger chunks to make soups or salads.

Gives Uniform Texture

Another great benefit of using a grinder on your vegetables is that the timing and cutting are so precise that it cuts evenly every time. Under the right setting, it can make the most uniform and perfectly cut vegetables every time. This could potentially make your restaurant look more professional just from the beautiful display of perfect produce on every dish served.

Makes Quick Orders

When you work in the restaurant business, you know that there will always be something to do because business is, well, busy. That said, it’s hard to maintain the little jobs when you’re understaffed with a full house and you need more produce or ground meat to prepare orders with.

Your ingredients should be prepped early in the shift, but sometimes the demand becomes so high that certain items run low. This is exactly why using your meat grinder takes the stress and pressure off your staff. Just feed all your vegetables first and time and date them before putting them in the cooler. Do the same with your meat, and you’re ready to serve more customers.

If you’re still asking if using a meat grinder to grind vegetables is acceptable, the answer is yes. If properly utilized, your commercial kitchen equipment could save you in dire times such as these when your restaurant is at its busiest.