Why You Should Use a Pizza Dough Press Machine at Your Pizzeria

Mar 2nd 2022

Why You Should Use a Pizza Dough Press Machine at Your Pizzeria

It’s always an excellent sign whenever you enter a pizzeria and everything is handmade and done in front of you. However, the reality is that if the place is packed on a Friday night, you might be waiting a while for that thin crust that you ordered half an hour ago. This doesn’t have to be an ordeal if a pizza press is present. Here are just a few reasons why a pizza dough press is the right piece of equipment for your pizza shop. But don’t take our word for it—check it out for yourself.

All the Sizes

When you use an electric or manual pizza dough press, you can take an ordinarily hard job and make it instantly a breeze. This is especially true when it comes to sizing your pizza. All you need to do is take the right amount of dough as you normally would for the size of pizza, center it on the press, and just press it for a few seconds. Then, you have a pizza crust ready to be topped and brick-fired!

The Different Styles

Let’s not forget all the styles of pizza that are out there—from thick crust to hand-tossed to thin crust. Now, you can have all these in your shop at once, and it will take you no time to get the job done. The best pizza dough presses have a dial on the front that controls pressure and thickness to achieve a thicker crust on the press. That means that with a simple adjustment, you can achieve the desired size pizza crust.

Perfect Every Time

Arguably the greatest reason why you might choose to have a pizza dough press machine in your shop is for the sheer perfection that it cranks out day after day with no slack. So, if you want to save your hands and wrist from developing arthritis, then this may be the machine for you.

Although we covered just a few of the reasons why you should use a commercial pizza press machine at your pizzeria, now you can get creative and showcase your pizza-making skills and make your business more innovative.