Why Your Noodle Shop Needs a Dough Sheeter

Jun 27th 2023

Why Your Noodle Shop Needs a Dough Sheeter

Opening your own business is tough, but you must take all the proper precautions and get everything you need to make your business succeed. While some of this might come in the form of physical space and permits, many people don’t consider which type of commercial kitchen supplies they’ll need. Depending on the type of restaurant, you could need different kinds of items. If you have a noodle restaurant, your best bet is to use a dough sheeter to create your noodles and anything else made of dough. Why does your noodle shop need a dough sheeter, and how is it important? Learn more here.

Increased Productivity

Sure, you can make and roll your dough by hand. It’s not uncommon, especially for smaller shops with a small customer base. However, if you’re looking to expand in any way, it’s wise to get a dough sheeter. There’s nothing worse than trying to slowly make noodles by hand with a line out the door. This could lead to angry customers because no matter how many people you have in the kitchen, your productivity will still go down tremendously. That’s why you should have a dough sheeter to help you out.

Increase Quality

Dough sheeters are perfectly uniform. You can expect the same thickness and quality across your entire dough supply. You don’t need to worry about more clumps or misshapen textures that might throw a customer off. You can even adjust the thickness and quality of the dough using specific settings on the machine. Your noodles will be perfectly thick—or as thin as you want. You can experiment with different styles according to customer expectations. If you want to experience flawless consistency, getting a dough sheeter is the way to go. Your noodle restaurant needs a dough sheeter to accomplish this consistency.

Expand Your Expertise

A dough sheeter is an important part of expanding your expertise because it allows you to master various noodle types of various complexities. You can experiment with thickness and combinations of tastes and determine if your customers are fans of them. You don’t have to do the guessing game to determine if they like your product because you would have eliminated texture and consistency as a source of their displeasure.

If you’re interested in picking up a dough sheeter or any other restaurant equipment, we have you covered at Pro Restaurant Equipment. We’ll help you find the right equipment for your restaurant, no matter which kind you decide to open.