Why Your Pizzeria Needs a Pizza Dough Press

Apr 11th 2023

Why Your Pizzeria Needs a Pizza Dough Press

Are you the owner of a pizzeria and looking to make your life easier? A pizza dough press can help you. Pizza dough presses are excellent ways to optimize your pizza-making process without having to expend much energy compared to making your dough by hand. Want to learn more? Check out our reasons why your pizzeria needs a pizza dough press below.

Better Than Hand-Tossing

A dough press greatly speeds up the time it takes to complete orders. It also reduces the costs of hand-tossing processes, which can be expensive. The results are also more consistent and even overall. There’s nothing worse than pizza that’s undercooked in some areas and overcooked in others. A commercial dough press machine will make this problem nonexistent. Your food will be delicious and in the customers’ hands in no time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever stood around and waited for what seemed like hours—even though it was only a few minutes—for your pizza to finish at your local pizzeria? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? It wouldn’t surprise us if part of the problem were that you attempted to hand-press the dough. This process takes time, and time is money when you’re running your pizzeria. It could spell the difference between a happy customer and one that huffs out the door to a different restaurant instead. Improved customer satisfaction is a key reason your pizzeria needs a pizza dough press.

Different Styles of Pizza and Crusts

Beyond customer satisfaction, you can expect to create different kinds of pizza with a press. For instance, pizzas come in different forms, varying in thickness and even shape. This is true whether you want a deep dish or a New York-style pizza. Many presses have an embedded mold, so you’ll have the perfect crust. They also give you ways to control the thickness of your pizza and even its shape.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to benefit from greater customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as a better-tasting, consistent product overall, getting a pizza dough machine is your best bet. Your customers—and your hands—will thank you!