Why Your Pizzeria Should Be Making Fresh Dough Daily

Dec 26th 2023

Why Your Pizzeria Should Be Making Fresh Dough Daily

If you own or manage a pizzeria, one of the most important decisions you must make is how often to make pizza dough from scratch. While it’s tempting to buy pre-made dough to save time, your pizzeria should be making fresh dough daily.

Better Flavor

Fresh dough tastes better than pre-made dough. The latter might sit in a refrigerated container for days or even weeks before use, but it will taste slightly stale. When you make and use dough on the same day, you control the quality of the most basic pizza ingredient. This makes a significant difference in the flavor of your pizza crust.

More Consistent Recipes

When you make pizza dough from scratch every day, you can follow the same recipe and measurements each time. This creates a consistent dough that your customers will love. Consistency is vital in a busy pizzeria where you need to maintain high standards of flavor quality so that customers keep coming back for more pie.

More Savings

Consistency isn’t just good for your customers; it’s also good for your wallet. You’ll know exactly what ingredients to order and the quantities when you make your pizza dough. Then, you can avoid over-ordering and letting food go to waste or under-ordering and disappointing customers. While you can try to order pre-made dough with the same idea in mind, it’s often more expensive than making dough.

Improved Health Standards

Another reason why your pizzeria should be making fresh dough daily is because it can help your restaurant meet health standards. By making fresh dough, you can guarantee that the dough is safe for consumption and not contaminated with fungi, bacteria, or mold from sitting in the fridge for too long. This benefits your customers and prevents any foodborne illnesses that could impact the reputation of your pizzeria.

We hope you want to start making your dough fresh at this point. Can your staff handle the new workload? Pro Restaurant Equipment provides commercial dough sheeter machines to solve this problem. A dough sheeter can help you produce fresh pizza dough quickly without overloading your kitchen staff.