Commercial Meat Tenderizers

If you need commercial meat tenderizer machines, you have certainly come to the right place.

Here at Pro Restaurant Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality meat tenderizer equipment for all of your restaurant, bakery, and food production needs. For nearly a decade, we've been operating multiple e-commerce websites in order to help you and your business receive industrial meat tenderizer machines, grinders, food processors, bread slicers, and dozens of other foodservice industry-related tools. 

About Our Industrial Meat Tenderizers

Commercial meat tenderizer machines are used to fully tenderize slabs of meat in preparation for a thorough and efficient cooking. If you're in the restaurant or meat business, without a professional meat tenderizer, your employees will waste hours each day preparing the meat with a hand mallet or meat cuber. With a quality meat tenderizer machine, you can easily tenderize a significant amount of meat and get back to performing other important duties, effectively making your business that much more efficient and productive. 

The knowledgeable staff at Pro Restaurant Equipment can assist you in your search for the best professional commercial meat tenderizers available on the market today. We can point you in the right direction to accommodate for whatever kind of business you're running and whatever volume of meat you need to tenderize. For example, our high-quality commercial electric tenderizers are great for meat cutlets, stir-fry, and Mexican cuisines, but other kitchens will have more advanced needs. Call our team today if you need help selecting the right industrial kitchen equipment for your team. 

Compared to other methods of commercial tenderizing meat such as chemical additives, citrus juices, or other acids, using a mechanical meat tenderizer or electric meat tenderizer preserves the original flavor and shape of the meat while making the meat itself more salable. Your customers will not struggle to chew and enjoy the meat you serve or sell, and can digest tougher cuts of meat more easily too! Serving tough cuts of steak or other meat that are lower quality to your customers can cause major problems for your reputation within the restaurant industry. Don't let your restaurant fall behind the times because you're relying on outdated meat tenderizing methods or equipment. 

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