American Eagle AE-30NA/05 Mixing Bowl 30qt.

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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl for 30 quart Planetary Mixer Model: AE-30NA only

Ordering multiple bowls keeps the machine running efficiently. While one bowl is with the mixer, the other can be cleaned and prepped again. You can swap out batches of dough, or use for a different application (e.g. meringue, frosting, filling for dough) without waiting for the 1st bowl to become available.

We like the idea of having one machine that is able to do 3 tasks quickly, with minimal downtime:

  1. Dough for crust with hook

  2. Mix sauce with beater, whip egg whites

  3. Shred cheese or vegetables using the AE-VS12H

A new American Eagle Food Machinery® 30 quart planetary mixer comes standard with stainless steel bowl, wire whip, aluminum beater, and aluminum dough hook. We like the smooth and the mirrored finish, as well as the quality of the stainless steel. Mixer acessories are very high quality pieces and should last a long time. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any 30 quart mixers that are not the American Eagle Food Machinery® brand.