American Eagle AE-G12N 1HP #12 Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

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  • Heavy duty 1HP motor grinds 250lbs/hour
  • ETL certified to conform to: NSF No. 8, CSA and CE standards
  • Patented grinder head design with rifled chamber and quick pass auger reduces food waste
  • Durable 100% metal gear driven transmission, standard #12 hub for optional accessories
  • Attractive, high polish stainless steel grinder head, auger, and motor housing with no sharp corners for easy cleaning and sanitation
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, must register to be valid

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

American Eagle meat grinders are some of the best quality meat grinders we have seen, especially for the price. We like it... a lot! The machine is definitely geared more towards the food service industry in terms of its design. Everything is made of stainless steel so it's very shiny and attractive. It also means that it's easy to clean. When you pick up the grinder head, you can tell how hefty it is. It's certainly not the heaviest out there, but you can tell it is very durable. A standard forward reverse switch is a nice touch, but in our testing, the meat grinder whipped through a ton of meat without any hesitation, so we doubt you will really ever need to use the reverse mode. We ground about 5 lbs of meat in less than a minute, at that rate, this machine can easily handle even more than what American Eagle specifies! We did not have any turkey or chicken with bone to test with, but the owner's manual states that the machine should be able to handle small bones. So even though it's a commercial restaurant grinder, all of you pet owners out there that make pet food or hunters will easily appreciate the power in this grinder! The grinder motor itself is actually very quiet, which is a welcome change from some of the smaller household or even commercial grade grinders out there made by Weston or LEM. When we were using it, the motor made a low purring noise, even while we were feeding the meat through. It didn't appear to struggle at all. The machine also comes with a sausage stuffing tube which provides 3/4" output. When stuffing sausage, we recommend purchasing the optional 0mm or 3 hole plate to make the job easier. We followed the instructions in the manual to chill the meat before stuffing and everything worked wonderfully. American Eagle claims the rifled chamber and auger design allow the meat to pass through quickly to aid in stuffing sausage, and the machine certainly did a good job. Lastly, although the manufacturer suggests exercising caution when putting the grinder head parts in the dishwasher, we decided to test the feeder pan, auger, grinder plates, knife, and grinder head in a dishwasher, and everything came out wonderfully. We did not notice any rust spots forming or anything, but we did follow their suggestion to apply food grade silicone to the parts after washing. 

From the Manufacturer

American Eagle commercial meat grinders feature patented design, all-inclusive accessories and competitive pricing, making them the best value for food service professionals, hunters, butchers or home enthusiasts alike. Their exceptional reliability and attractive, compact designs make them ideal for open commercial kitchens, front-end meat operations, or a home counter top. All grinder head components (feed chamber, auger, grinder plates, knife), feeder pan, and motor housing are 100% stainless steel construction, making everything super easy to clean. A specially designed grinder head with rifled chamber walls and quick pass auger reduces food waste and makes passing meat through for sausage a breeze. The grinder head combined with a 100% metal gear driven transmission and 1HP motor means this machine grinds even the toughest meat with ease! A permanently lubricated, sealed transmission design with air cooled motor ensures food safety and years of trouble free service. All internal worms and gears are precision machined from heat treated steel-alloys for extra durability. A built in circuit breaker and reset helps prevent damage to the motor. High quality electronic components and well-designed wiring provides excellent operational reliability. Forward and Reverse modes help release any food jams. Non-slip rubber feet keep the machine stable on your counter top. All American Eagle meat grinders are designed with a standard universal #12 hub for additional versatility! A large array of optional attachments and accessories are available for meat tenderizing, jerky slicing, meat cutting and vegetable slicing. Comes with: stainless steel feeder pan, meat pusher, sausage stuffing tube (3/4” output), 3/16” grinder plate (6mm), 5/16” grinder plate (8mm), and one stainless steel knife. For extra safety, feed chamber opening measures 2.5” in diameter. Feeder pan measures approximately 12.5” x 9.5” x 2”. Uses standard 115V/60Hz/1Phase power. Covered by 1 year limited warranty. ETL Certified to NSF No. 8, CSA, CE Standards. Covered by a 1 year limited warranty, must be registered to be valid.


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  • 5

    Posted by Allen on Aug 15th 2017

    I can only describe this machine as beastly! I've had it for 2 years now and it works like new still! I just bought a tenderizer attachment and meat cutter and the build is excellent those too. There are many meat grinders out there, but this machine transforms into more than just a meat grinder which is why I call it beastly. It's easy to use by simply taking the attachment off the motor and then putting another attachments back on to change the function. Everything is very heavy duty and built out of metal parts and I am sure I will get many more use out of the grinder and the new attachments I just bought.

  • 5
    Don't waste your mine on anything else!

    Posted by Cecil Simmons on Nov 26th 2016

    This machine is truly commercial quality. It has been made exceptionally well. I use my American Eagle #12 grinder on a monthly bases to grind everything from venison to pork. It pays for itself very quickly with the money saved just from grinding and mixing our own breakfast sausage. Thank you Pro Restaurant Equipment and a special thanks to Jason (the salesman that helped me over the phone). Jason did a very good job helping me and leading me in the right direction. It is sooo nice to speak to a person that is excited about the product that they sell and as knowledgeable as Jason. I recommend this grinder and Pro Restaurant Equipment to everyone!
    Thank you.

  • 4
    Incredible Workhorse

    Posted by Mike on Nov 21st 2016

    I have an older model of this grinder that I have used for about 15 years. Same 1 HP motor, housing, and components. I wish I had the carry handle that they have added. Works like the day I bought it. This machine is incredible! Easily grinds through the toughest tendons, etc on wild game in a single pass.4# / minute. I recommend this to all my friends, and when they balk at the price I give them a hands on demonstration. What a workhorse!! Grinds big pieces as fast as I can feed it, often I don't even need to use the pusher.The grinder is very heavy and bulky, but remember that is because of the quality of the all stainless steel build. Some of the parts could have been a little better finished, for example the threads on the auger are a little rough and snag a washcloth when cleaning. Minus 1 star for that. May be improved finish by now. Blades stay sharp, unless you hit a piece of shot! I used it to stuff sausage casings as well, and that works well enough. However I prefer a press stuffer for that job. If you need/want a grinder, find the money. Last one you will ever buy. To be honest, I get a little excited to have meat to grind because this thing makes it fun. The guy who gets it for the next 40 years will love it too! I just ran across the add for this, and had to add my opinion. Amazing Grinder!

  • 5
    Very Good

    Posted by ROBIN on Sep 24th 2016

    Motor is heavy! Grinder parts very heavy dtuy. Use for several months, no problems.

  • 5

    Posted by Rick on Jul 7th 2016

    Got the grinder in excellent shape, machine was double boxed! Pictures do not do it justic, polished stainles looks even better in person than in the photos. Coming from cheap 299 "commercial" grinders you find on eBay, then using a weston that failed after two years, I decided to try American Eagle. impresed so far after more than a month. Build quality is the best i have seen out of the grinders I have used. Motor is quite, doesn't struggle when loaded. Threw all parts in dishwasjer and comes out perfect, no discoloration like my first eBay grinder. Weston grinder I had was not as easy to clean compared to this one. May need to buy more plates when hunting season starts, think I have a winner here!

  • 5

    Posted by Larry on Mar 17th 2016

    happy with machine, got it quickly

  • 4
    Awesome grinder

    Posted by Doug on Jan 28th 2016

    Machine arrived as describe and it is built very well. We use it to grind hamburger meat in our restaurant and our customers really like being served freshly ground meat. We're open every day, and we've had it for about a month and it's been performing flawlessly. So why four stars? I knock one off because our feeder pan is starting to become loose. I think this has more to do with our kitchen abusing the pan, but I think the pan can be made a little better, it is after all supposed to be used in commercial kitchens! I might need to order a replacement pan later this year.

  • 5

    Posted by JASON on Jan 2nd 2016


  • 5
    Pricey, but works great!

    Posted by Kevin on Dec 3rd 2015

    I bought this to process deer and so far have no complaints. Dumped the grinder head parts into the dishwasher with no problem. Well worth the expense to get stainles steel! I tried other cheaper grinders from Weston and managed to burn out the motor every year...Saves me so much time compared to other grinders I've tried. Was going to buy the Weston pro commericial series, but call me shallow, I wanted a good looking meat grinder and was wary to try out another Weston after using their less expensive grinders. Decided to give this one a try and am not regretting it! Was able to get 50 lbs of venison done in about 10 minutes, way faster than anything I used before!