American Eagle AE-VC-30 Machine 2mm Crinkle Cut Plate

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  • AE-VC30/W2 mm disk
  • Makes "wavy" or crinkle cuts 
  • Durable Stainless Steel and aluminum alloy materials

Pro Restaurant Equipment Review

Save time and labor! This plate is ideal for operators looking to prep HARD vegetables ONLY.  If your operation doesn't require exact square dice cuts, or french fry cuts, the crinkle cut disks are the best option. The machine will process faster without a 2nd cut. You also save money by not having to buy both top and bottom disks.  It can accomodate a variety of vegetables and fruits. Use it on on squash, cantaloupe, apples...the possibilities are endless. We recommend wavy cuts for stir-fry or sauteed vegetables because it increases the surface area cooking so that your stir-fry is ready faster. Also, the extra surface area holds sauces and flavors better than the traditional straight cut. Choose from 2 available thicknesses: 2mm or 4mm

The American Eagle AE-VC30 is an excellent commercial food processor machine that has been widely used and tested throughout the entire US market. This plate is genuine OEM and guaranteed to work with AE-VC30 machines.

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